2014: the key to the door to your future.

     Happy New Year. I am celebrating the new vibration that affects us all.
     2+0+1+4=7, and Seven is the first Spiritual number to appear in the Number cycle (Nine is the second, and will be present in 2016)
     The Number Cycle begins with the originating energy of One, that which has emerged from the Void, and has facilitated growth and development in the physical, emotional and mental planes. As the cycle turns to Seven, the Spiritual plane is brought into full expression, and human life is expanded.
   Like any Unseen energy, Seven exists whether or not we engage with it. If we resist and insist on stagnation, Spirit and Seven will make their presence known.
    Our society frowns on the telling of lies, and yet celebrates the writing of fiction. In the same way that those two activities represent sides of the same pursuit, so Seven has aspects that carry a happy impact, and other aspects that create diversions -- diversion with the power to redirect us. The choice is with us.
     Resisting the natural turn of the cycle may grow from fear or ego. The personal expansion that results from engaging Seven energy may feel threatening and uncomfortable at first. It may be delayed; it cannot be avoided.
      For my readers who are connected with personal growth, open to the possibilities, here are seven simple ways to allow Seven energy to flow into your days.

~~ Seven carries the frequency of personal dignity. Seek out activities and people who honour your authentic Self.
~~ Take time to observe the world around you. Seven has insight and intelligence, and you can benefit from taking time to allow knowledge to come to your notice.
~~ Enjoy some solitude. Life in this society is often a whirlwind of activity punctuated by sleep. Take a break from “doing” and enjoy some “being”.
~~ Meditation can open your personal energy field so that Seven energy can bring all its benefits into your life. It doesn’t matter what you consider to be a meditative practice. You can sit on a mat with your body in lotus position; you can hug a tree; you can kneel and pray in a church building, or whatever else suits you.  What matters is your willingness to open to The Source of All.
~~ Acknowledge the presence of Spirit. When you make time to celebrate the unfolding of your life, it will be self-evident that Spirit is creating occasions for your personal growth and progress. Naming this truth will permit even more insight and opportunity.
~~ Breathe. Our breath is the very rhythm of life. When it stops, life ends. Finding time for a conscious breathing practice will strengthen your appreciation for the miracle which is the Human Experience, and deepen your understanding on multiple levels.
~~ Learn. Seven is the connective tissue between the Seen and the Unseen. This may be your year to explore new ways to connect. Learn a modality; study an energetic field; employ a practitioner to help you find the structure under your life.
     This is a year to expand all aspects of your life: physical, mental, emotional and particularly Spiritual. Each needs the others to be aligned and nourished. With attention and application, this time next year you can be living a more textured and fulfilling life.
     Jo Leath has been supporting clients through change and growth since the 1980s.
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