A Journey Inward

        As I have been working on the webinar series, Awakening: A Journey Inward, I have also been preparing for the Sensate Awakening retreat in May. During this time, life has put in my path many proofs of the central premise: that we have innate senses, knowings, and wisdom.
     By this I mean natural parts of ourselves; senses with which we were born. These parts have been shut down, denied, or simply have withered: neglected and unused.
     I have friends who were shamed as children for talking about things they saw and felt and Just Knew.
     I remember learning arithmetic in the company of a girl who Knew arithmetic. She could find correct answers immediately. What she could not do was Show Her Work. So she got low marks. There were no rewards for Knowing Things in that class.
     Teachers like that and many other aspects of our lives as children, contrived to disconnect us from our Knowing. My purpose in the last few years has revealed itself. I am here to become aligned with my Cosmic wisdom, and then to show others how they can do the same. As I have become aligned with my own Knowing, I have been granted opportunities to help others reconnect with theirs.
     I was relaxing with my feet up this last weekend reading an old murder mystery. In one scene a male detective meets a woman and within moments he knows that she is ‘his girl’. Not the language I would choose in the millennium, but it reminded me that even when it was written back in the 1960s there was an awareness of this truth about knowingness. We do have the ability to Know Things.
     When I first read the book _A Whole New Mind_ by Daniel Pink, I knew that I was being bestowed important information. This book was the key that opened the way to a new phase of my life.
     As I have expanded on the knowledge base that Pink provided, I have seen his Six Senses for the Conceptual Age manifesting all around me. Not in places where I am studying and looking, but simply apparent in plain view – like the wise detective on my lazy afternoon.
     Tonight I will be co-hosting the final webinar in the series of three on Awakening: A Journey Inward. We have been exploring ways to unveil our inner wisdom. It is the first step in work that will continue throughout life.
Register Here: http://www.anymeeting.com/AccountManager/RegEv.aspx?PIID=E953D981894C3C
     During April I will be leading a tele-class on Numerology, and how Number expression impacts the areas of physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual life. www.joleath.com
    In May I am honoured to be co-hosting a Four Day retreat, Sensate Awakening: A Journey Inward. There a group of us will live in community shifted out of heady thinking and information-age models. We will reside instead in an amplified field, expressing the Six Senses of design; story; synthesis; empathy; play and meaning.
    This summer and through the later year I plan to be meeting with VIP clients who are serious about their Soul Path and the role they are here to fulfill in these post-Shift times.
     It is exciting. It is difficult to organize into a linear calendar or narrative, because each event is linked to several others. My life has become like the very concepts I am learning and teaching.
    More than that, the studies and work that I have done in the decades leading up to this have all enhanced my current state. The synthesis of my skills results in a truly unique offering that I can make to my coaching clients, class attendees, VIPs and anyone else who requests my services along their path.
     March is the month of my birthday. New numbers will reflect my age, and some of the digits in my personal chart. I find it hard to be objective about my own numerology. What I know for sure is that life is growing richer and more textured. I am meeting the right people in the right places at the right times. I am comfortable in my skin and mornings are happy times of anticipation.
     I am aligned with my intended destiny. There are still inward places to which I will journey: they are my next steps, and every step I awaken, just a little more, to the wonders of my life.