A New Audience for Reiki.

     Reiki (ray’-kee) is a practice in which spiritual energy is transmitted from the Unseen dimension into the physical realm. It has recently been brought to the consciousness of millions of people who might never have heard of it.
     Dr. Mehmet Oz, cardio-thoracic surgeon and television personality, recently discussed the broad spectrum of available treatment options. He said “I’ve worked and trained in some of the finest medical schools and hospitals in this country, and I know first hand the amazing miracles we can achieve with modern Western medicine, but I also know that for centuries, people around the world have developed alternative therapies that treat the body, mind, and the soul.
     Dr. Oz also spoke about energy medicine, saying it “may be ultimately the most important alternative medicine treatment of all.” He presented his top 3 “Oz’s Orders” with Reiki taking top spot: “First off, try Reiki,” said Dr. Oz, “This alternative medicine treatment can manipulate your energy and cure what ails you.” He also recommended boosting the metabolism and checking blood pressure. 
     The Reiki system was revealed to a Japanese Buddhist monk during a meditation. That monk, Mikao Usui, was born on August 15th 1865 in the Gifu prefecture Kyoto. Little is known of his background, but only the children of wealthy families could get a good education at that time, and Mikao Usui is known to have studied in a Tendai Buddhist monastery school from an early age. When he was older he traveled to China and to western countries to learn and study western ways.
     He is remembered as a talented and hard-working student with a love of reading and access to an eclectic library. He studied medicine, psychology, fortune telling, the Kyoten (Buddhist Bible) and theology of religions around the world.
     He married a woman named Sadako, and they had a son and daughter.
     Miako Usui worked in many different professions. He was an office worker, industrialist, reporter, supervisor of convicts and as a private secretary to politicians. He became a Tendai Buddhist Monk/Priest, similar to a lay priest. At times he took a form of meditation lasting 21 days on Mount Kurama (Horse Saddle Mountain).
     It was during one of these meditations that he received the inspiration for his system of healing - Reiki. It seems likely that he was informed by knowledge about healing from many spiritual and physical systems like Chinese Medicine; Qi Gong; the Japanese equivalent Kiko; acupuncture and western ideas.
     Mikao Usui found that his spiritual system worked well, and in April 1922 he opened his first school in Tokyo. He wrote a small manual which is now translated into English and published under the title "The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr Mikao Usui"
     Mikao Usui's fame as a great healer spread very quickly throughout Japan. He made his school into a clinic where spiritual teachings were taught and where people could find healing. This was popular among older people who sensed a return to old ideals and spiritual practices. Reiki students worked with the teacher in the clinic. They would deliver Reiki Healing, and teach people how to heal themselves: self healing is still a central tenet of Usui Reiki.
     Dr. Mikao Usui passed away on March 9th 1926 at the age of 62. He is buried in Tokyo.
     One of the last Reiki masters trained by Dr. Usiu was Dr. Chujiro Hayashi who became a Reiki master in 1925. He is notable because he taught Mrs. Hawayo Takata who brought Reiki from Japan to the West in 1937. She continued to practice and teach until her death in 1980. She is credited with ensuring that the system reached the global public rather than remaining a secret practice in Japan.
     Reiki is now practiced by millions of people all over the world. There are many adaptations and variations which have developed, and proven effective, to promote specific results.
     When I was attuned to the first degree of Reiki in 2008, I had been practicing Numerology for a quarter century. The training took place over two days, the majority of it being ‘book-learning’.
     On the afternoon of the second day students paired off to experience channelling the Reiki energy to another person for the first time. As soon as I was prepared and lifted my hands to begin, I knew with my entire being that I am intended to transmit the Reiki Ray as number vibrations. I was, in that moment, granted the ability to concentrate the Unseen Energy into waves of specific frequency.
     I have continued to study Reiki, and am now able to call myself a Reiki Master. During my practice every client has been an opportunity for more understanding. The Reiki Number system has benefitted many people, and has deepened my own relationship with Numbers, making me a better numerologist as well.
     This summer, attuned Usui practitioners will have the opportunity to train with me to add Number vibrations to their practice, and I have some spots available for Reiki sessions, in person and at distance.

    You can learn more about Reiki at the Canadian Reiki Association website: http://www.reiki.ca/faqs.htm

Jo Leath has been practicing Numerology for thirty years, and was first attuned to Reiki in 2008.
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