Ageing Changes

     One of the numbers we feel most intimately is the age we are. This, of course, changes with each birthday, and must be tracked accordingly.

     The majority of Numbers on a chart follow the simple cycle of One-Two-Three up to Nine, and some calculations include Zero. Almost always, the digits are added together until only one remains.
     The Personal Year Number is associated with the calendar year, and thus changes on January First. The age number is quite different. It changes with each birthday, and rather than following a simple 1-2-3 cycle, it repeats a pattern which is unlike any other on the full chart.
     My first Numerology teacher, Dr. Juno Jordan, wrote: “We are all human and have definite responsibilities simply because we belong to the human race. These human responsibilities are told by **how old we are and are called the Race Consciousness... Since civilization began, mankind has followed traditional ways of acting and thinking and built upon them until they have become accepted ways of life.”

     Dr. Jordan subtitled Race Consciousness, as The Human Element, and although she never wrote about The Shift as we understand it now, she added “It is only in this modern day that strong souls are getting out of the thought of useless old age  and daring to live to the full possibility of their individuality.” 
     Race Consciousness is a subtle vibration, offering a guide to meeting the external influences of the moment on your table of events.
     The unique order of Numbers followed by the Age Number divides the Nine digit cycle into Odd and Even Numbers.    

     Odd numbers mark time for self, and personally important work. 
     Even numbers support associations, relationships, and getting along with other people.
     Understanding your Age Number can help you to understand your need to be alone, while at other times you are drawn to seek the help and support of community.
     The RC Cycle begins with a B for the birth year: there is no Age Number with which to make a calculation.
     The following year, when the first birthday occurs, has a 3 Age Number.  
     Afterwards the cycle repeats the sequence 3-5-7-9-2-4-6-8-1 which makes for four years with an even Number – extrovert – vibration, and Four years with an odd-Number – introvert – vibration, the two coming together in a year of 11/2 energy.
     You can find your Age Number here 
     When I prepare a full chart, I record the Age Number in a stack with the Universal (Calendar) Year and the Personal Year. This results in a repeating 3-digit profile that informs individual understanding of issues around intention, often with clues to Past Life Experiences.
     The Major Numbers of the name can be seen in relation to this stack, and these values reveal how your personal energies are intricately woven together. This can shed light on your purpose and direction. 

     There are many aspects of a Numerology Chart which can help you to focus your activities and enjoy the very best that 2019 can bring. 
     I have been practising Numerology and supporting clients through life changes since the 1980s.
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