All Life Grows this June

To calculate your Personal Year Number for 2015 see *** below.

     2015 is a year of Eight energy, * and June adds a frequency of Five into each and every day of the month **
     The presence of Five energy calls for us all to change and journey and grow. Every part of the Number cycle is advanced by the energy of Five, which moves us out of a self-focussed time of life and into the broader community.
     My Personal Year is a Three in 2015, and in June I am involved on the Spiritual Plane, moving forward and completing work that has been ongoing since the summer of 2014. This has been a long cycle, and I need to put effort into places that feel stale and old. Nevertheless, to make room for ‘the new’ in July, I must do so.
     If your Personal Year is a Four, this month’s energy is progressive as you move into your new cycle. Four can carry a staid and stolid frequency, and this year is one of creating bases for the future. June is a happy reminder that there is novelty and experimentation to be enjoyed. Your building phase can (and should) include ways to connect with joy.
     In a changing Five Personal Year, June’s energy will bring even more transitions. This month you will notice the ebb and flow of people in your life. You will find a lot of shifting in your relationships. This is a good time to release people who do not serve your best life, and be open to the possibilities for friendships in unexpected places.
     If 2015 is your Six Personal Year, the progressive vibrations of June will enter your field as creative and original ideas and thinking. You may be called to create art or music or a garden or other expression of your spirit. The energy that keeps you serving the world this year can and should be folded back to serve your own intended path.
     If you are in a Seven Year, June will offer real and practical growth on the Spiritual Plane. This may come in a form that first appears to be a challenge. As you embrace it, however tentatively, you will find that it contains lessons you could not possibly have learnt otherwise. By month-end you will be the recipient of many gifts of self-knowledge
     An Eight Personal Year can open the way to the flow of energy from Spirit into your daily life. As you perform the work of finding and expressing your deepest self, June may find you restless and impatient. You are aligned with the Universal year, which increases the potency of the Unseen energies which are always present and especially require your attention this month.
     In a Nine Personal Year many life-conditions and work-projects are reaching completion. The energies of June may create shifts and changes that lead to unanticipated conclusions. A different ending, or the understanding that might be a sequel, is not wrong, it is an opportunity to explore the possible. You are reminded to be willing to shift your attention from the desired to the unexpected achievable.
     If your 2015 is a One Personal Year, you are in the process of creating your next nine-year cycle. June will reveal the possible directions that the Spiritual expression of your life and your Self can escalate – far beyond anything you may have considered in the past. You need not have a clear vision of a final destination to step out and begin the journey.
     In a Two Personal Year there are multiple changes in the group of people who surround you in life. Some people (including you) might change careers; people move away; other people arrive. Souls with whom you have important business may be born or may transition back to the Unseen. Each of these changes is a cue to your intended destiny. Be deeply aware of your responses to others.
     No matter our individual location on the cycle of numbers in our personal chart, what happens in June will benefit our lives so long as we do not resist and refuse the opportunities that are offered to us.

*     2+0+1+5 = 8

**  8+6 = 14, and 1+4=5
*** To calculate your Personal Year Number for 2015:
Add the number of the Day you were born, to the number of the month you were born, and then add Eight. Keep adding until you have only one digit.

For example: my birthday is 28 March, so I add 2+8 = 10, and   1+0 = 1
                                           March is the third month, and I add the       3
                                                                 2+0+1+5=8 so I add the        8
                                                                            1+3+8 = 12, and 1+2=3:
I am in a Three Personal Year during 2015.
If you were born on the 27 February, you would add 9+2+8= [19, 1+9=10, 1+0=1] One for a Personal Year number.
26 April 8+4+8= Two
7 June 7+6+8= Three
17 August 8+8+8=Six
2 July is 2+7+8 = Nine
25 October 7+1+8 = Seven
And so on.    
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