All Nine, All the Time
    This New Year we have shifted into a calendar vibration of the Number Nine: 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9.
Nine in Numerology
    In Numerology, digits are added together until only one remains. Nine is therefore the highest: Ten is 1 + 0 = 1, starting the cycle over again. Nine is thus representative of the completion of the cycle, the place where the lessons of the previous Numbers fuse into profound teaching.
Nine as (not) a Conclusion   
    Nine is the part of the cycle which illustrates completion. The words we use do not always accommodate the flow of cycles: we get to Nine and think we are finished, when in truth we are simply being prepared for the next turn around the wheel. When we speak of terminations and endings and dying, we interrupt the natural cycle which flows forward. The fallen leaves under a tree are not concluding their existence: they are releasing their form as nutrients into the soil, nourishing the roots and transforming themselves to support the tree's future. Each ending is a step towards an upcoming cycle. The popular line from the musical The Sound of Music reminds us that 'When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window'. 
Nine as Love
    Nine is the vibration where love and compassion reside. The teachings of the Number Cycle will inevitably lead us to a place where we recognize and feel and express our part of the love which is the Source of All Things. Bill Hicks has said that “The eyes of love see all of us as one”: a concept which may be a shortcut to understanding Nine.
    With the realization of unity in all things, it is natural to then express our instincts to be charitable and forgiving. If you are me, disguised as you, then any hurt I inflict will damage me. As we learn to live in this understanding, we will move beyond courtesy into caring and unselfishness.
    Nine is the container of the family of the planet. During the 1900s we were each given a Nine in our birthdate. Every day had Nine energy, and in that century we learnt about our planet in an entirely new way.
    We saw the pictures, taken from space, showing the entire world in one frame: so small and home to so many miracles.
    The century taught us about the single atmosphere we all share; the interconnectedness of the water supply; and the impact that an individual can have when they behave consciously about how to participate in economics or food production or the conservation of nature.
    This unifying information remains with us, and the Zero in our current dating system reinforces that Energy of Everything. Children born in the last 15 years understand these ideas as a matter of course.
     Nine is as near as human life can get to perfection, and within the frequency of unity there are inevitably the opposites that human life teaches.
    Some people may start from a place of self-interest and self-love that limits their ability to embrace the human family. Others may interpret the concept of love for all into infidelities and instability.
Nine as Ever-Present Energy
    Some intended paths might develop the understanding of Nine through a moods or depression or keeping company with negative thinkers, not realizing they can use their talents for the good of everyone.
    Like the turns and corners on a labyrinth, life leads us in unexpected directions. Each of us will be granted second chances, and third, and fourth, and more.
    Arriving in Nine energy is a step towards carrying new wisdom into the next Ones and Twos that will present themselves. The Nine of 2016 will expand and inform us – all the more when we are aware and engaged with it.

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