All the Paths

Many paths lead up the mountain, but at the top we all look at the same bright moon. So wrote the Zen poet, Ikkyu Sojun.

I was recently working on my website, wondering what I need to do to make it more accessible to new visitors.
As I clicked through the many pages in the index, some current, and many archived from events past, I was a little amazed at the diversity of offerings.
I have been incredibly fortunate to have studied and learnt about so many aspect of the work that I do. The website shows some of the ways I have shared  those teachings with others, and made my skills available to clients seeking assistance.
There are many options on the website’s public pages, so many choices to make, too many. I can see why a new visitor might be overwhelmed, which is a little shocking, and really isn’t how I would choose to represent my work.

I would characterize every part of my practice as being about accessing the Deep Soul Wisdom that is carried within each of us. Whether using breath-work,  Numerology, or oracle cards, the purpose is always to engage the energies that are central to our identity on the Spiritual level. 
At our core, we remain connected to knowledge and wisdom that is greater than our language can describe. It is richer and fuller than we can easily comprehend. Over the centuries and millennia people have developed many tools to help interpret that wisdom in meaningful ways.
There are dozens, hundreds of modalities that aim for the same result. Some become favourites that feel dependable, others seem complex and incomprehensible. There is no single right approach, there is simply a call for each of us to survey the offerings, and find the ways that feel correct and provide answers. We are free to adopt whichever methods work for us. 

Like pathways on the hillside, Numerology, astrology, regressions, meditations, Coin Oracles and hundreds more are all leading upward, all moving in the direction of the peak. 
The mountain is diverse. Do we slowly walk up the mountain path on the gentle side? or are we called to scale the cliff on the other side, with ropes and crampons? Is our path one of personal efforting and individualism, or about building a team, roped together and depending on the whole to bring success to each one? 
When we reach the mountaintop, if we do, we will be together, enjoying the view. The arrival of each will be intertwined with the arrival of all. The route we chose will have required us to develop different kinds of muscles and skills. We will retain individual memories which colour how we see the panorama before us. No choice will have been a wrong on. No detour is without benefit. The work we put into self-understanding and personal growth is always worth celebrating.
It may be a paradox to describe the discovery of depth as the goal when climbing high, and maybe that is another gift of this Human Experience.
I have no doubt that we will be together when we arrive. For now, though, I look forward to sharing the path as we go. 

I have been supporting clients through change and growth since the 1980s using Numerology, Oracle Cards, and many other methods. Each session is adapted to your needs and uses the methods most likely to provide results.
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