Always in the Presence of Learning
    Recognizing the omnipresence of learning can be a tool for growth, and even for happiness. Connecting daily experience with the truth of Cosmic lessons is not often named or discussed. This idea, though, is concealed in – and revealed by – many teachings.

    A positive, appreciative attitude which sees the lesson contained within any given challenge or relationship is a key to conscious living. With consciousness comes an understanding of the purpose of life and along the purposeful path lies joy.
      We often pay lip-service to the presence of learning, we even name specific new wisdom as a Life Lesson, yet we rarely internalize the importance of this truth.

    The phrase “live and learn”, is often uttered when we are surprised by a revealed lesson. We are admitting that our knowledge has been expanded by experience. In fact, the entire Human Experience can be seen through the lens of learning; acquiring wisdom; and absorbing new truths from the people who are present in our lives to teach us.

       ‘In experience comes wisdom and with wisdom comes experience’ may not be accurate in every case, yet it is a fair scale by which to measure the events of our lives.

       No matter what is happening, there is a deep and progressive layer to it, which can expand understanding and advance our soul growth. Consider the idea that ‘it is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all.’ The loss of love is generally agreed to be a painful thing, and yet our culture embraces the idea that living (and learning) through this pain is ‘better’ than avoiding it.

     Although we sporadically acknowledge the benefits of learning, it still can be difficult to remain conscious of the process. Few of us notice when that which is damaged or lacking in our lives carries positive energy. For lessons to achieve their full potential they need to be registered in our consciousness. We have to learn new ways of noticing, and that takes commitment, and time and practice.

       Instead of complaining about circumstances, we can practice naming the advances we have made. In this way we create an atmosphere of growth and the acknowledgement of blessings.

      Learning isn’t automatically happy or optimistic. The early lesson of physical life to not touch fire or flame is a lesson accompanied by pain, maybe even injury. Yet years later the prudence to avoid flames is not simply beneficial, it can be life-saving.
     Teachers include those who utter of remarks which lead us to examine our angry reactions. Off-hand statements and personal stories might highlight a new worldview never considered before. When someone shares a profound confidence,  you are invited to explore your trustworthiness. All of these lessons come from karmic teachers. Each is a lesson which will -- if processed consciously -- promote the growth of your soul.

Six Ways to Connect with your Soul Growth

• Keep a journal in which you list lessons you have learnt. You can make daily, weekly or monthly entries. Greater frequency may be better while you are creating a new habit of awareness. The existence of the journal will remind you to notice the way your life is unfolding into greater understanding of yourself and the world around you.

• Practice awareness of learning by encouraging your household to name new wisdoms at the dinner table or as another part of your daily routine.

• Notice how people you meet bring new ideas and outlooks into your sphere. Recognize that they have come into your life to be your teachers.

• Make a game of finding the hidden blessing in challenging circumstances.

• When you feel stuck or stifled in life, list the progress you have made in the last year or six months or thirty days.

• Notice how your new understanding changes your approach to life. Write about it, share it with friends, and be grateful for the opportunities you have received.

      As you practice, stay present in the inner shifts that occur. Delight in the discovery of new ways of being and feeling.

     That sense of expansion is your soul doing the work it is here to do.

     Jo Leath has been supporting clients (and learning from them) through change and growth since the 1980s.
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