As the Western world shifts from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age, some people feel as though they are waking up into a new way of being.

     I certainly do.

     After five decades of feeling out-of place in the world: of being out of step and outside the box and generally misunderstood, I am now watching as the world comes to meet me. My skills, my opinions, my approach to life are suddenly being valued.

     It is exciting. It is intimidating. It is the path I am here to walk.

     There is a growing community of people now describing themselves as working with Heart-Centred communication, or Spirit-led businesses, or as Soul-opreneurs. These titles and phrases are not always easy to understand, not least because they are using linear informational language to denote something holistic and conceptual – by its very nature it is outside the realm of words.

     The shift that is happening is global. The changes are occurring with individuals, and it is with those individuals that I concern myself.

     After hundreds of years of Industrial Age thinking, of describing the world as a series of mathematical formulae, the Conceptual Age is asking us to tell new stories about the nature of our lives.

     My head and my mind and memory can understand the scientific truth that water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen in a stable ratio. This is valid information that can be easily transmitted to school pupils and to those who would add water to their own scientific experiments.

     Water, though, is more. Water makes up a great portion of my body and yours. Water accounts for a great proportion of the environment on the surface of this planet.

     Water is a quenching drink and a skating rink. It is bathing and raining and cooking carrots. Water is mountain streams, and geyser steams. It is cleansing crows and running nose and cultivating corn. It is solid, liquid and vapour.

     There is no way, in language, to encompass the concept that is Water.

     Yet we humans have an understanding of water. Our ability to navigate the world in which we live includes instinct and innate wisdom as well as the information we have been taught.

     Certainly we know that H2O is what comes out of the tap. In addition, thanks to wisdom borne of experience, we grasp what it means to be gently pummelled by a warm shower spray; or sated by drink in summer heat; scalded by steam or chilled by a fall into a cold lake. We can process the concept of water in a way that does not depend, one iota, on the chemical formula.

     Water is Water. We know what that is.

     The shift into the Conceptual Age celebrates this kind of knowing. It makes room for the validity of this knowledge without demanding the justification of the chemical formula.

     New truths of interconnectedness in technology provide a reference for describing the interconnectedness of all things Unseen. The very concept of physical interconnexion is one of new design never considered before in history.

    We can share our stories and synthesize new comprehension because of our technological relationships. We can open our hearts to care about people we have never met. We can find the fun in sharing laughter and games and play, and in the end we can explore our individual experiences, and choose from myriad options, sculpting the life that is the Right Life and fits as neatly as our own skin.

     We know how to do this. We were born knowing how to giggle and play and do what felt good. Our hearts began this life open, able to reflect the love that surrounded them. Or not.

How many hearts shut closed in the desire to perform in the world of information? Certainly mine. My focus was placed in my head and the natural expertise of my heart was neglected and expected to wither away.

     My timing, however, was just right. Here I am with my experience of the Information Age, finally able to express, in some small part, the ideas and concepts and theories and notions that have been swirling within me for so long.

     My life-work is revealed to me, as I guide others in their awakening, their reclaiming of the wisdom of their hearts.

     This year, 2013 with the overriding Six energy calling us to Service, I am beginning a new personal cycle. My opportunity to serve is exciting, and like any other concept, it has many faces.

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     We are all in the early days of a new way of being.      Open to the possibilities.      Awaken!