Be Creative and Joyful

     June will be unfolding very soon. And with the new month comes a new number and new vibration. As we move through our personal cycles, we can gain the most when we are aligned with Universal Vibration.
     This year continues to vibrate with Six energy: 2+0+1+3=6. June is the sixth month, and we all continue to live in an atmosphere of service. The January editions of this blog can provide you with details about the overarching Six.
     This June, we move into the Three of our current cycle of months.
     The projects and activities we began in April have moved through the realignment of relationships that came with the Two energy of May, and are now entering the Three energy of June.
     Three is the number of the many triads of life: body-mind-spirit; birth-life-death; mother-father-child; beginning-middle-end and it can therefore be characterized as a completion, a whole.
     Three is a number of creativity:  ideas and things can be channelled from the Cosmos into the physical world.  Three brings massive change. From the relationship between a tiny bee and a tiny blossom, we are granted a large, dense, heavy apple. The Third Thing is a miracle and a blessing, and it is the gift of the Three.
     When we apply that same Three frequency to the life we are conducting in the Now, then we are able to manifest results that are equally miraculous.
     I wrote last month about ‘Wendy’ who chose this April –December cycle for a weight-loss program. In April, using the One energy, she was inspired and began. In May she has adjusted her relationships with herself and with food and with how she spends her time. Two energy has been fully supportive of that effort. For June she has the assistance of the universe as she brings new and original things into her life.
     This month Wendy will be inspired to creative recipe ideas which will help her remain engaged with her new eating regimen. She will find ways of combining foods that she has never found before, and they will serve her well.
     There may well be breakthroughs in how Wendy approaches physical activity. The games, sports, equipment or videos that she has enjoyed or endured in the past may spawn a fresh concept within her, a new dancercise or treadmill-routine. She may find creative ways to walk in her neighbourhood, combining the physical activity with some other act of service (it is still a Six year, after all) like locating heritage buildings for the historical society. She may become aware of seniors, sitting outside their homes in the June sun. As she adds them to a friendly visiting roster in another part of her life, she will again be expressing an act of service.
     Three months into a process like Wendy’s, there might be a sense of completion brought by that start-middle-end triad.  It is entirely true that some goals have been reached, there are results to celebrate. At the same time, this is simply the conclusion of one third of the cycle: the beginning phase.     
     Wendy is well along her path to much greater successes by the end of the year.
     For those of us with different goals for the current cycle, Three is the number of communication as well as creativity. With the influence of this frequency we are all able to engage in self-expression and the inspired ideas that are revealed to us when we find the quiet within. There are infinite resources in the unseen realm, and it is with Three energy that we are able to bring them into physical reality.
     It matters not whether we are building bookcases or writing computer code; composing sonnets;   compiling indices or growing petunias. When we invite Three into our day, we are sustained in our efforts to us to make the world into a better place.
     The free-flowing creativity and inspiration of the Three permit us to enjoy child-like explorations of imagination and originality as we fulfil the small tasks that carry us towards our big dreams.
     June is stuffed full of Three energy, and making the most of it will help each of us to gain the most from these next weeks.
     Source Energy: the Love that Animates Life is waiting for us to engage with the best our lives can be.  This June is a time to be creative and joyful and to listen to the voice of All That Is. 
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