Birthday Changeovers

    On any Numerology Chart, the Number Cycle of digits one to Nine repeats in an ordinary and  predictable way. There is one cycle, however,  which finds a different route through the Nine digits.
     On a chart calendar, Personal Years follow this sequence, and are written beside the Universal Years that relate to the Western year numbers: 2015 is an Eight year (because 2+0+1+5=8).
    In a comprehensive chart, there is an additional line in the calendar which imparts a different cycle and sequence.
    Unlike those which vary according to the year of birth (Universal Year number) and the total of day + month + year (Birth-Force number), the RC is coordinated with age. This number changes on each birthday, and by shifting when it does, it provides two distinctly different influences during the course of the calendar year and the Personal Year number that it carries. This means that we have all experienced this cycle: every 20 year old has the same influence as every other 20 year old, past and present; each of us at 47 will be connected to an energy similar to every other 47 year old.
    My first teacher, Juno Jordan, wrote that our society demands certain behaviours and tasks from people as they age, and these expectations have become encoded in the energies that surround us. She named this number Racial Consciousness, and I still write RC when I am calculating a calendar. When I am talking about it I usually call it simply the Age Number.
    Because we don't process an age during the first 12 months of life, a chart shows simply the letter B for the birth-year.  Thereafter the numbers are calculated by adding the current age with the age that will be acquired on the next birthday.
    During the second year of life, age is given as one and the following year will be two; the total of these makes the RC number Three. After the second birthday, when the current two is added to the upcoming three, the RC number is is Five.
    This is a departure from the One-Two-Three cycle that dominates numerology, and as a result it has an important role in deepening understanding of what is happening at any given time.
    The progression of energies follows a pattern of Three-Five-Seven-Nine-Eleven(Two)-Four-Six-Eight-One and back to Three.
    Odd numbers carry introvert energy, and even numbers bring extroverted frequencies; usually these are alternated and balanced. In the RC cycle there are four years of introvert influence  and four extroverted years linked by a transitional year of 11/2.
    As this cycle unfolds, we are supported to spend longer terms in introspection and service. Years of personal work  permit us to grow into our fullest selves. This expansion means we have new wisdom to offer from a more centred and authentic place, when we are ready to commit a return to the public sphere and accept the energies of others into our field.
    A Numerology chart can reveal the structure of life, make sense of what is past and help to prioritize the  steps that will move you most quickly towards your intended future. The RC Number reveals a cycle which makes sense of the socially unpopular choice of wanting to be alone while introverted energy is present in our field.  When the extroverted numbers are dominant, then being out in a crowd might be the key to happiness.
    In my work as a Numerologist I have seen more charts than I can remember, and early in my career I recognized that every chart is unique, and yet no chart is unusual. There are no wrongs as we unfold our lives: we are always in the right place doing the right things and meeting the right people who can help us to move forward.
    My clients have taught me far more than any of my formal teachers, and I have been blessed to share their time as they move closer to expressing the unconditional love of Source that is encoded in each of our lives.  

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