Breathing in Three Dimensions

    Our breath is a constant companion, quite literally from birth to death. The automatic rhythm is very easy to forget. Breathing happens whether we think about it or not, and in fact when we think about it, we change the pattern.
We can pay attention and adjust our breathing deliberately, and when we do, we can impose (and expect) particular outcomes.
    Understanding how the constant and consistent flow of breath works, and what it does, can help us to be more mindful of the miracle that is our life.
Breath on the Physical Plane
    Our respiratory system draws air into our lungs, extracts the Oxygen and sends it into our blood stream. Carbon Dioxide, a waste product from our physical body, is then deposited into the blood and taken to the lungs to be exhaled.

    Anyone who has started a fire knows that Oxygen is necessary if the fuel is to be consumed by the fire. In our bodies, Oxygen is just as necessary in order for the food we eat to be converted for our use. The nutrients we take in are oxidized in our cells, a process which produces energy, Carbon Dioxide, and water.
    The cells of our bodies are about 70-90% water by mass, and water is made up of Oxygen with Hydrogen. Every part of us, and every physical reaction and metabolic process is affected by the presence of Oxygen.
Breath on the Emotional Plane
    Many of us have been counseled to ‘take a deep breath’ when we are feeling rushed or panicked or stressed.
    Pausing during an emotional response, or a reaction to circumstances that feel out-of-control, can help us return to our centre and think clearly.
    Recent studies reveal a deep-seated connexion between the speed of our breathing and our emotional state.
    Anxiety causes  increased heartbeat, rapid, shallow breathing and tension in the  muscles. Our body is preparing to either confront, or escape from, the circumstance that has triggered the reaction.
    When we move ourselves into yoga-breathing or adopt a conscious and slow rate of inhalation and exhalation, we grow calmer.

Breath on the Spiritual Plane
    For Ancient peoples, breath was the very presence of the Life Force, the Spirit. Our language reflects this belief. The word respiration comes from the Latin **rēspīrāre to exhale, which in turn is from re- +  spīrāre, or Spirit, which can be defined as the principle of conscious life, the incorporeal part of humans, or the soul regarded as separating from the body at death.
      The word is a form of inspire, when Spirit speaks within us. Breathing consciously is a way to grow aware of that Body--Spirit connexion, and to benefit from the awareness of the presence of Spirit in our lives
Breath as a Cycle
    Breath is a life-cycle that happens in seconds: it reminds us that every in has an out. Breathing cannot be stored or saved up for another day, it is impossible to successfully not-breathe.
    When we are healthy we can ignore breath, and take it for granted. The smallest interruption to that health, or to the suitability of the air around us, will bring stark urgency to our lungs and the cycle of service without which we cannot survive.

     Unless we are dealing with a medical condition or ailment, breath corrects itself, we cannot breathe 'wrongly'. If we get short of breath our bodies compensate, and we return to the 'natural' flow.
     Every part of our being is served and altered by the nature of our breathing.
     When we focus on the physical act as we breathe, we have an impact on our mood, and we stimulate our Spiritual connexion.
     When we meditate with Spirit as it manifests in breath, we soothe our emotions, and relax our physical selves.

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