Celebrate Adjustments  

    According to an online site, February 17th is World Human Spirit Day.  At 3 p.m. Eastern Time people are encouraged to spend two minutes in silent meditation, focusing on the spirit of freedom and peace that is innate within each of us. World Human Spirit Day was started in 2003 by Michael Levy, to promote the creative, peaceful, loving life that we came to this life to experience.
    The act of making the decision to participate in Human Life is not carried in our memories. The fact that we are here is the only direct evidence that we have made that choice. I agree with Michael Levy that we are each capable of living a creative, peaceful and loving life, nevertheless we have arrived in this physical realm where we must first learn to live with imperfection.
    Just as light has no meaning unless we know darkness, so the peace and freedom of Spiritual expression is unremarkable until we know chaos and unpredictability. The Human experience of life confined in the physical realm is the ideal teacher of this contrast, and this is surely one of our aims when we elect to be here.
Leap Year
    This being the February of a Leap Year, I am especially attuned to the fact that our systems and technologies for navigating physical reality must be readjusted. Our calendar year is just slightly off. There is a six hour difference between the time it takes to orbit the sun, and way we record that orbit.  This means that to keep our month-names aligned with the seasons, we must insert an extra 24 hours every four years. February 29th  is our solution to the problem of imprecise annual measurement.
    One of my important teachers, Bo Eason, often speaks about auto-pilot technology. An aeroplane in flight deviates. Even when flying in a direct line, the curvature of the earth; atmospheric conditions and the interplay of gravity and engine thrust, all combine to move the plane off-course. The pilot, co-pilot, or modern computer auto-pilot, function to move the aeroplane back onto the correct route. Flying is, simply put, an incessant series of corrections and returns.
Translating Wisdom
    The path through human life is similar. There is vagueness, and wobble and drift in most things. All things physical are off kilter, and when we are conscious of our Spiritual wisdom we use our time to bring alignment and order to the world.
    Our Spiritual nature knows the perfection of other realms, and we have given ourselves clues and reminders, encoded in any number of ways if we engage in Seeking.
    Michael Levy's World Human Spirit Day asks us to locate and celebrate the freedom and peace at the core of us. We are here in the Human Experience to deliver that wisdom to the physical world, as much and as well as we can.

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