Celebrate Change
       So called New Age thinkers, and other mystics have been naming The Shift throughout recent history, and sometimes it is framed as something novel and unimaginable.
    This is not a first time: merely the next in a progression. Past Shifts have altered how we view the Universe, ourselves, and the world around us.
      The Ancient world subscribed to a geocentric view. They believed that everything they saw in the sky was rotating around the Earth, and when Aristarchus of Samos suggested, in the 3rd century BCE,  that the sun might be at the centre, and he was discredited.
The Sun
    It was as recently as the 16th century that Nicolaus Copernicus produced a heliocentric model which could not be dismissed, and was soon supported and proven by Galileo and Kepler.
    While the everyday experience of watching sunrises and sunsets remained unchanged, that concept of the sun at the centre of a large system caused a new way of seeing the role of the earth within creation. This new understanding soon spread out from the people with telescopes and into the broader population. The worldview of the everyone had Shifted, and they saw what their knowledge told them they were seeing.
The Atom
    Several Ages of the past have been given names that mark changing perceptions and realities. It does not require 100% participation to bring about a new paradigm.
    The first person to knowingly split an atom was Ernest Rutherford, at Manchester University in 1919.  No one I know has ever split an atom, yet because of Rutherford's work, everyone in the world lives in the Nuclear Age. No individual lives in a world where the atom cannot be and has not been split.
    On the 4th of October, 1957,  the Soviet Union launched the first artificial Earth satellite into an elliptical Earth orbit at a height of 577 km. That single event Shifted everyone, everywhere, into the Space Age.
     I never sought to train as and astronaut or cosmonaut. I have never doubted, however, that Space is accessible to people of the earth.  This is a marked Shift from the thinking of the Ancients who imagined the heavens populated by beings who control the weather and the fate of individuals. James Burke writes that “Today's version of the truth about the world is irreconcilable with the previous version” and that might be the best definition of what a Shift entails. The old view is abandoned and replaced, within a generation it seems archaic and wrong.
    The Shift that is currently happening may be different because we are aware of it. We have come to understand the Power of One, and we recognize our ability to promote change at the personal and global levels.

    In the west, we are growing and changing in many fields of endeavour, each contributing to the greater adjustment. We have altered how we produce power; how work is done; how we stay healthy. We are realigning, (albeit slowly), how food is distributed, and how people and communities relate with each other.
    “What you think the universe is, and how you react to that in everything you do, depends on what you know,” says Burke. “and when that knowledge changes, for you, the universe changes. That is as true for whole of society as it is for the individual”
    We see what we expect to see. Proof is found  that internet picture that seems to show only spots until we are told to find the Dalmation – and suddenly it is there!
    When we walk around expecting to see corporate interests controlling the food supply, we will find them. When we Shift our personal view, acknowledging that edible food should never be sent to a landfill site, we can make a change. We will see street fridges, like this one and this  and we will see and address the places where they are needed.
A New Day, Everyday
    When we each take responsibility for our personal role, we ensure that everyone is moving towards a new and better future. When we agree to learn about new things, and to explore new ideas, we open up a space for even more novelty. Not everyone needs to participate: the Shift will inevitably occur. Being a part of it is a choice we are free to take. Every day, the true purpose of our Spirit is to evolve. Every single day.
    As Burke says “We all are what we all know today. What we knew yesterday was different, and so were we.” as we will be tomorrow.

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