Celebrate Wonder

    The landscape of my childhood did not make any particular impression on me. I was a child and the terrain, in as much as I was aware of it, just was.
     As I grew older and moved around, I came to see the beauty of the scenic lakes which brought tourists from around the world to my home locality in the North West of England.
    The natural world is a place of astonishing wonder when we pay attention to it. The majesty of Mount Everest and the Grand Canyon can be seen in pictures and on video.
    Landmarks like Uluru, or Ayers Rock and the Barrier Reef in Australia are familiar to most of us. Canada's Niagara Falls and Mosi-oa-Tunya: the Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River in southern Africa, are familiar to anyone who has turned the pages of a geography text book.
    Whenever we move around in the physical world, we are witness to wonders large and small. Great trees; eroded rocks; narrow valleys and wide flood-planes each tell a story if we are willing to listen. These stories can connect us to the wonder of nature, and when we sit quietly, staying aware of all the sights and sounds of the present moment, we can experience the awe and reverence that this world inspires.
    People of the past have engineered amazing structures that modern technology simply cannot reproduce. The 900 monumental statues at Rapa Nui (Easter Island) are an example of this.
   The Great Wall of China and the Peruvian city of Machu Pichu can be visited and explored – and marveled at.


     The pyramids of Egypt and China, Sudan, Greece, Rome, Samoa and Peru remain, while other 'wonders' of the ancient world are lost. We can never be certain of the wonders within the Hanging Gardens of Babylon; the Temple of Artemis, or the Lighthouse of Alexandria, and yet there is wonder to be found in contemplating the glories that are gone.
    There is no need to travel, through either space or time, to find wonders and miracles. When we sit quietly inside our vehicle of flesh, wonders abound.
    The human heart muscle, about the size of an adult hand is unceasingly pumping blood to our entire body. In an average lifetime it pumps 200 billion liters of blood, an amount equal to filling Madison Square Gardens to a height of 15 meters. How do we stay unconscious of a wonder such as this?
    Our cells are in constant flux, as new ones form and replace the dying.
    Our nervous system delivers information to the brain at speeds reaching 250 miles per hour.
    Our skin is not only the place where our individuality ends, it contains sweat glands, nerves and nerve endings, blood vessels and oil-producing glands. Our skin is home to countless million bacteria: a vast population of benignant micro-organisms with whom we live in symbiosis. Throughout our bodies are parasites and microbes with beneficial side effects, and no malicious intent.    
    Scars show us where wounds have healed. When damaged from the outside, our cells form a network of new flesh and skin, performing the miracle of creation as new, effective tissue arises in place.
Wake Up!
    Every moment contains some kind of process or event or a transition, always complex, often perplexing. Indifference is not an option when we are awake to the wonders of the world and the past and our existence.

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    I have  been supporting clients through change and growth since the 1980s.
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