Celebrating Love
    Some readers may recall that two and a half years ago I was granted a Peak Experience, and felt an energetic download from a source I cannot begin to identify.
     It was life-changing, and one of the immediate side-effects was learning to direct and focus the vast waves of love which engulfed me.  Because of that event I came to understand more clearly the many kinds of love that are part of the human experience. Familial Storge; physically intimate Eros; community Philos; and sacred Agape.
    February's Valentine's celebrations are mostly directed towards honouring Eros and romantic love: the relationships between adults. In recent years, marketing has also aimed “Happy Valentine's Day” to moms and dads and grandparents and even neighbours and teachers.
    Since my download, I have examined and analysed many aspects of relationship in my own life, and currently I see that Philautia, the love of the self, is both the cause and the result of connecting fully to all kinds of love.
         The ancient Greeks, from whom the word Philautia comes, recognized  two types of self-love. Egotistical self-love is unhealthily focused on the acquisition of power. Healthy self-love facilitates a broad capacity to love. Aristotle described it when he said "All friendly feelings for others are an extension of a man's feelings for himself." 
Primary Relationships
    In Numerology readings, when there are strong Relationship numbers, I often point out that our primary relationship is with the person in the mirror. This is true for everyone, every day, regardless of what is happening in our charts.
    Before we go out and build community or family with others, we must find love for ourselves. Buddhism calls this concept "self-compassion", and who among us would not benefit from kindness?
    To reach self-acceptance we may need to work on  reframing and renaming any aspect of our character that has been given a negative label. Someone who has been bullied and told they are useless may carry forward a self-image of uselessness and retreat from the world.  
         How different will life be if they connect to healthy self-love, and work with the truth of their innate talents whether it is for acting or astrophysics or some other field?
    Dreamy vague children may not be successful in the classroom, yet they might go on to create new worlds in poetry or software or screen-writing: it is vital that they connect to self-knowing of their own value.
    Honouring our own imaginations can go a long way towards self-acceptance and a fulfilling life. When we know who we are at the centre of our being, we will not compromise when other people treat as poorly or try to impose negative projections.
    My Peak Experience gave me a plethora of loves to parse and study, and the lesson contained within each one was that when I can feel secure in myself and my ability to love, the more love I am able to give.
    The initial impact of my download filled me with Universal Love and feelings of well-being. As my energy over-filled and over-flowed I became a conduit for immense Cosmic vibration. At the time it seemed to be directed to targets I could identify. Later, those targets moved, and despite choosing to to transmit to them daily, I was mostly alone with a reservoir of love that had nowhere else to go.
No Compromise

    Resting in the presence of Infinite and Unconditional Love has changed me. I see myself differently, and I see the world through new eyes.
     I continue to be committed to being of service in the world, I am now much less likely to make compromises that diminish me. I will not invest time with people who attempt to impose their own agendas on my time and my activities. When I notice similar tendencies in myself, I accept that it is my task to offer the respect I desire for myself.
    I am here to live the fullness of my soul, and to carve out my path on a map of my own choosing.
    I am here to love my life, and this is my year for celebration.

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