Chakras: Connecting and Allowing the Flow.

     The third eye, located between the two visible eyes, is the sixth chakra (energy centre) of the physical body.
     Like the muscles of our physical body, it gets stronger with use. There are practices and exercises to aid in its development, and techniques for monitoring how well it is functioning.
      The power of the Third Eye is often understood to be the ability to see the unseen – detecting auras; reading emotions; or locating people and objects at distance. In truth the Third Eye is also a key to being fully engaged with ourselves, for it is the Essential Self who sees through third eye.
      The chakra system, while composed of seven physical points, is an integrated system. No individual chakra can work at its maximum potential if one or more of the others is not aligned and operating in a healthy way.

     The life-energy that animates us is always flowing. It enters through our crown chakra as a spiritual vibration and flows through us into the earth. The sacred, life-giving energy of the earth returns through us, creating our physical reality. We are the cause and the effect of this exchange.
     The cosmic vibration we label ‘Reiki energy’ can help to clear and balance this personal energy field.
     When we arrive in the human form, we are concerned with physical survival and becoming established in the slow-motion energy of the earth-plane. All levels of our understanding develop from the base or root chakra, and grow towards the sun in the same way that the living layer of the planet grows from the ground up.
     Several of my clients are working to develop third eye clarity. “Kristyna” feels she is ready to process the wisdoms and knowings of the spiritual dimensions, and that feeling indicates that her time is approaching.
      What we discovered during Kristyna’s Reiki sessions is that her chakra system is not working as a whole entity. She has a disconnect in energy flow which must be addressed before clarity can occur.
     Although Reiki can be transmitted into her entire field, and plenty of universal (source) love energy is entering her crown, it is unable to flow through her to the earth.
      In the physical plane Kristyna has worked a great deal to be connected. The body she is inhabiting is well cared for and she is able to express her creativity in a variety of ways. The life force in her third chakra, where her sense of identity is located, has undergone vast releases of stale and wrong programming in the last while.
     Her heart is open and emotionally available, indeed her aura frequently shines green – connected again with the living layer of Mother Planet – and the welcoming force of her heart-energy draws people to her.
      Kristyna is highly intelligent, yet she has been unable to shake off all of the fear that came with her socialization as a child. This translates into an inability to communicate her truth, thus her throat chakra blocks, and the energy flow stalls before it can complete its circulation.
     According to Samuel Sagan, author of _The Awakening of the Third Eye_: “Developing the third eye is a direct way of expanding your conscious universe and discovering your essential values, so that you may fathom your own mystery.”
     This is the central paradox in Kristyna’s life. To fathom her own mystery she needs to connect to – and express -- her own essential value. She needs the animating energy of Source to complete its journey through her animated physical self. To truly know her essence she must know her essence. Her journey forward, like that of so many of us, is about releasing fear and embracing love, particularly the self-love that permits Cosmic energy into her heart. This is a task more easily described than accomplished.
     Cathy Eck writes that the third eye is the key to overcoming judgment. Our physical eyes, what we call “normal sight” measures and labels the either/or; black/white; hot/cold; short/tall and all the other dichotomies. Our third eye allows both to exist without labels.
     As Kristyna works with her chakras and gradually whittles away at her deep fears and the labels that are attached to them, surges of Spirit will nourish the functioning of her third eye. As she brings her life into alignment, and conducts herself in full integrity, her third-eye vision will become sharp and vibrant.
     All the wisdom she could ever want will flow into her glowing aura, and all the world will be enriched.
     Jo Leath has been supporting clients through change and growth since the 1980s.
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