Colour Your Thinking (and Wardrobe)

     Numerology is a simplified way to connect with, understand, and utilize the natural vibrations that surround life on earth. Number energy is as present and as necessary as oxygen in the air: and it affects our lives whether or not we are aware of it. When we engage and consciously use the vibrations to benefit our growth and development, resistance diminishes, and life feels a little more smooth.
     Our modern understanding of physics and astrophysics and quantum physics teaches that matter does not exist. The world is an illusion. Humans are energy. According to recent calculations, an average-sized adult contains enough energy to explode with the force of thirty very large hydrogen bombs.
     Everything we perceive in our physical world is energy moving at different speeds. Rocks move very slowly, we move quickly. Electricity moves more rapidly, light moves with the speed against which all other speeds are measured.
     The cells which make up our bodies are more empty than they are full. An atom is like a miniature Solar System with a tight nucleus at the centre like the Sun, orbited by electrons like planets. If all the empty space were removed from all the atoms in all our bodies, the entire human race would fit into the volume of a sugar cube.
     While living in these physical bodies, we have access to the human brain: an astonishing device which can divide light into the spectrum of colours. When I began my studies in Numerology more than 30 years ago, my teacher was Dr. Juno Jordan, and among the important teachings I received some were about colour.  Like every other manifestation in the physical realm, each colour has a specific frequency and transmits particular properties.
     Colour has the potential to heal energetic depletions or life-circumstances which we experience as ailments, negative attitudes, and fears. Unsurprisingly there are colours associated with each of the nine single digits upon which all Numerology is built.
     These colours can be used to attract or amplify the Numbers with which they resonate. They can be used to increase a vibration which exists – adding the colour of your Personal Year will aid in maintaining alignment and maximizing your efficacy during that year.
     Alternatively, adopting a colour can promote success in an area where you have a challenge: a specific lesson you are here to address. For example, if you have a ‘Four’ challenge on your Points of Intensification, you can consciously choose a garment, accessory, or even a bead to carry in your pocket, coloured with a strong Four energy(list below).
     To locate your advantageous colours for the weeks ahead, add together the digits of your birthday day and month, and then add Seven, keep adding the digits together until you have only one. The total will be your personal year number for 2014.
Personal Year colours: (from Juno Jordan).
One: Flame; copper; lilac; crimson.
Two: gold; salmon; garnet; prune; cinnamon.
Three: rose; ruby; amber; russet.
Four: blue; green; ember; silver; coffee.
Five: pink; cherry; wisteria; claret.
Six:  orange; heliotrope; henna; scarlet.
Seven: purple; brick; pearl.
Eight: canary; buff; tan; opal; ivory.
Nine: avoid black: wear colourful clothes.

     Everything is energy. Everything is vibration. Everything is everything else, which rather agrees with the re-emerging ancient teaching that We are All One. Let this philosophy of unity colour your thinking!

     Jo Leath has been supporting clients through change and growth since the 1980s.
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