Community is Calling

      2022's Numerology provides vibrations which are calling forward's the full realization of becoming a single Human Family, within a Global Village
     The Numerology is profound and beautiful. A zero with one digit repeated three times is rare. It has been 921 years since 1101, 912 years since 1110.
     The world of those times was shifting towards understanding the nature of the individual. In Numerology, One is the energy which supports and enhances beginnings. This is where all things begin, and self-awareness can take root. For a thousand years, we learnt about – and came to understand --  the Power of One.

     With the millennium, we moved into Two energy.  Two is the Number for relationships. Not only for romances, but for every human contact in life. This is about the way we relate to people in our household, workplace and broader world, all of which is informed by how we perceive and treat the person in the mirror.
     Getting right with ourselves, being centred and caring, lets us take that relationship to all the other places we go. This colours how we treat the people in the grocery store, those who serve us in the village, teach our children, clean our roads.
     2022 has three Twos clustered together, reminding us of all the different relationships we are in, and how, through us, they relate to each other

   As always, component parts are added to find a single digit: 2+0+2+2=6. Six is the number for Service. This is where we serve our family, community, and world. Six is the place  we meet our responsibilities and step up to our duties. While Six is vibrating strongly we can access the harmony that exists within our spheres of influence. We can each serve the intention of our chosen destiny in a time when we are called to work and grow together.
     The global community is living with crises: one of climate, and another of public health. No individual can enact a solution. Our choice is to work together.

     The calendar has offered a roadmap to improving how we are and who we are in the world.
     Getting conscious and present with each other, and with the physical world itself, is the way forward to global healing. Learning to love and love and progress together is what will save us.

     There are many aspects of a Numerology Chart which can help you to focus your activities and enjoy the progress that 2022 supports. I have been practising Numerology and supporting clients through life changes since the 1980s.
     My practice remains on-line throughout the ongoing public health issue.
     For a reading, cards, or charting your Numerology, click here and email me to start the process