Cooperative Components

    I first heard the phrase Cooperative Components among the teachings of Abraham Hicks.  It is a way of understanding the interconnectedness of all things.
       When we notice a particular event or circumstance we are invited to see how the universe has cooperated to provide that experience in order for us to move towards our intentions.
    One of the simplest ways to locate a 'cooperative' message is by drawing an oracle card. When I was working in Nova Scotia, there was always a deck on the counter, and each person, workers and clients alike, would select one card to receive their glimpse into the energies that surrounded them.
    Slightly more complex, and still much more accessible than a full ten or twelve-card layout, is to use a labyrinth as a background to a small card reading, letting the positions of the paths and turns add insight to the relevance of the message.
    The three-circuit Cretan labyrinth is an ideal framework for a simple reading.

    This example shows cards which really are cooperative components - drawn by a client: not staged.
    The outer path of the labyrinth represents the foundation of the reading, and the card that is turned first defines the energy being expressed.

    The second is the encounter with Spirit, which carries important teaching. This can be in any area of life, a challenge or an opportunity which is intended to promote growth.

    The third card holds information about the kind of expansion and learning which have resulted from that challenge.

    The card in the centre lands on the energy that is both the goal you can work towards, and the effect you can expect as you travel your path. In this universe where time is an illusion, the result already exists, being aware of it can provide clarity.

         This reading shows a Foundation card of Moon Goddess, suggesting an underlying feminine energy. The cycle of the moon reminds us that we benefit from being new, and being full, depending on which part of our own cycle we are living.  
    The Encounter card is Unity, reminding the querant that all aspects of an individual are unified in a life path, and that each of us is part of a unified community.
    Expansion into Mythic suggests that if we are confused by life we can find clarity in the myths of our culture. In exploring our stories we can find unity, and in recognizing our unity we will reflect mythic archetypes.
    To work towards and arrive at Being is probably the intention of most Seekers and Querants. Knowing that this Landing place is the result of our labours can help us feel confident in the steps we are taking. 

        Cards shown are from the Wisdom of the Labyrinth Deck by Tony Christie,

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