Cue the Spiritual Sevens.

      As a child I was good at remembering birthdays and anniversaries, although there was one that I confused consistently. My maternal grandparents were married on April 21st, 1926, and I often wrongly remembered it as April 26th. It is not difficult to see how the numbers of the day and the year might transpose in my childish memory.
     It felt very correct and orderly when, decades later, I met my late partner, who had been born on April 26th. I felt as though I had been waiting all along for someone to claim the date highlighted in my mind. Some part of me knew that the date April 26th was important to me, I could never have guessed how that importance would reveal itself.
     My human memory has always manifested numerological notices to urge me towards the studies I was intended to make.
    I was always very aware of the dates and numbers around me. As time passes, I am also aware of my predisposition to notice them: evident long before my introduction to Numerology which didn’t occur until I was in my twenties.
     This Friday, June 13th, is a particularly important date in my personal calendar. It is the anniversary of the birth of my late father, in 1933. It is also the birthday of my late partner’s mother who was born in 1922 and will be marking her 92nd year.
      Such an alignment was another in a long list of delightful facts that made our relationship feel *destined*. In the early days when every mutual interest was a reason to celebrate being together, having parents who shared a birthday seemed very important.
      When I was first widowed, I was shocked by how deeply I felt my loss on June 13th. I had not fully comprehended the depth of significance we had placed on the day. We were rarely with either my father or my mother-in-law, so we would mark the occasion ourselves. In 2007, the day fell when I was just seven weeks into my life alone.
      That first June 13th was a day of agonizing isolation, despite the presence of caring people in my life. It is not easy to articulate the profundity of emotion attached to an apparent coincidence such as this. As time has gone by and the agonies have been dispelled, June 13th has come to represent the happy connectedness that marked the family we chose together.
      June 13th represents Time and Space intersections where we find the exactly correct people who will promote the intentions of our Life Path. This year it feels especially intense.
      This is a Seven year, (2+0+1+4=7) and my life has always experienced Spiritual change. In 1960 (1+9+6+0=16. and 1+6=7) I was four years old, and I started school. In 1969 (1+9+6+9=25, 2+5=7) when I was 13, my parents made the decision to emigrate from the UK to Canada. In 1978 (1+9+7+8=25. 2+5=7) I extricated myself from a difficult shared-living relationship, and learnt from the experience. Inn 1987 (1+9+8+7=25. 2+5=7), I was living in Toronto, studying and learning and redefining my role in the world. In 1996 my partner and I lived in Nova Scotia and our work life underwent massive changes.
      Seven years are the years which change lives amd move us to the places and mind-sets and relationships we have intended.
      July is the seventh month in this Seven year. There is powerful Spiritual energy available to us all. For anyone with the slightest interest in knowing how the Numbers of Life can be harnessed and understood, this is an optimal time to learn.
      I will be hosting webinars, workshops, seminars and retreats this summer, taking advantage of these supportive energies. I do so hope that you will join me. You can download an introduction to the Numbers at this page

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