Cycles and Hindsight
    A reader recently asked about hindsight, and how Numerology can be used to help us to learn from the past to improve the future.
    Individual Numerology charts, although very personalized and different from each other, are always supported by a structure of repeating cycles. The challenges which we have intended into our lives will repeat until we accomplish our life plan. As Pema Chodron so concisely says, “nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know”.
    If we feel we might have missed a chance for growth in a particular direction, we can be confident that as the cycle turns, new conditions will move us towards achieving that goal.
     We can also be comforted by the idea that as life brings us experience we will adjust our responses. We might react more quickly, or with more caution than before. We could approach events with greater wisdom or more timidity, depending on what we have learnt and how we have changed.
    The image of the layers of an onion is an apt description for the ongoing work of Soul expansion. When we have completed the work of a layer, lo! another layer appears, and the dominant energies of each part of our personal cycle allows us to measure our development. This is perhaps more easily understood when illustrated in a real life.
My Real Life
    My personal calendar is aligned so that when the Universal Year is vibrating to Nine, (2+0+1+6 = 9) my Personal Year is tuned to the Four. 
    Nine is a time of completions and release. It may also bring conclusions that we would not choose, and yet which prepare us for the way ahead. This is the energy referred to in the line from the movie Sound of Music: “When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.” A closed door is an obstacle, and the work required to discover which window is open may feel like a burden, nevertheless, this is how life unfolds.
    Four is the number of building and foundations and stability. My chart has specific challenges around the Number Four. 2016 is my Four Personal Year, a time of preparing for the future, laying down a solid base for what will come next.
    I feel blessed and supported by this interconnexion: when the release of the Nine makes room for me to imagine and design my future. In my chart, When Nine closes a door, somewhere Four opens a window.
    For clues to what this year offers, I can track previous cycles.
    In England, in 1962, my baby sister started school. My time alone there ended, and Nine required me to release that solitude. I was required to be practical and sensible (Four) as I herded her home through traffic in the afternoon.
    In 1971 I was attending high school on the West coast of Canada. The Nine energies of the year demanded a release of my British-English identity. Working towards graduation and college, I was expected to map out my future in North America – a Four-energy building task. 
     1980 saw me living in the interior of British Columbia. The business where I had worked for several years was sold, and my sense of security and permanence fell away (Nine). I began to attend night classes and take correspondence courses, giving myself a base of credentials on which to construct (Four) a new work-life.   
    I was living in Toronto when New Year 1989 arrived. I was unhappy and began to see a therapist. As I realigned my understanding of myself I rejected (Nine) some of my socialization, which let me move forward without inappropriate expectations. The new self image developed from this, and I created new grounding for all aspects of my life (Four).
    By 1998 I had been living in Atlantic Canada for eight years. My transient spirit was ready to move on in search of novelty. When this proved impossible, I had to give up (Nine) my desire for adventure, and get practical (Four) about making the most of my life in the same place.  
    In April of 2007 I became a widow. The Nine of the year brought the most conclusive of completions that human life offers. Alone, after 17 years as part of a couple, I have no doubt that my floundering adaptations to the New Normal of my world were supported by my Four energy.
    It is too early in 2016 to discern the year's major shift. I would be foolish to think that I will remain unchanged in my self-image and self-expression. In my Four years I have relinquished being alone at school, being English; a manager; a wanderer; and a life-partner. This year I will move forward, differently, and reveal some new aspect of me to myself and the world.      
    Hindsight is helpful. I still have to do the work of finding that open window.

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