Eight Energy. Challenge or Delight? Both!

      November is almost here, and Eight energy will be cycling through our lives whether or not we are paying attention to it. Naturally the benefits of Eight are greatest when we get involved and behave consciously.
      All Eight energy, including this November vibration, is connected with Symmetry, balance and the presence of all that is eternal.
      Eight energy in the environment of Service that has been with us throughout the Six year (2+0+1+3=6) indicates that the circumstances in which we find ourselves are a part of the greater plan; steps forward; even corners on the life path we intended.
     When reading with a client, or reviewing a chart, Eight is a pleasant vibration to see. I can cite the positive and highly spiritual aspects of Eight energy, which is a Mental-energy number, sitting between the highly Spiritual Seven and Nine.
   Eight holds connexion to Higher Source; the presence of universal love. It even looks like the meandering path which allows for the harvest of that which has been sown.
    The loops of 8 appear in mathematics and physics as Mobius loops and a short-form for the concept of Infinity.
     Eight expresses power and authority, good judgment and fair-mindedness.
     As with any number, however, there is not a single view. There are aspects which appear less shiny and comfortable.
     When Eight is vibrating, there is movement along the path. There is no room for complacency, and no relief from the business of life.
     I have several people in my life who have concluded a year with intense Eight frequencies. The have variously changed jobs; been divorced; battled illnesses; endured questioning about essential and core identity; and struggled in their intimate relationships. 
     Every one of them is much changed from who they were at the beginning of that Eight year. This has not been easy, and they have each shifted towards authenticity and alignment.  Growth continues – the end of growing is the end of life – and the harsh moments of the Eight year can be seen objectively for the progress they created.
     Eight is progressive and requires attention and commitment, it promises forward movement and it requires effort and engagement. We are in a time of great opportunity as both November and January offer us Eight energy growth situations. We can progress rapidly when we embrace the possibilities.
     This is not to suggest that November – or January -- is going to deliver a string of difficulties. These are months which will deliver opportunities for growth, each one demanding attention and work. When we accept the challenge, we end the Eight month well advanced along the road of our intention. When we refuse, or don’t notice and skim away, floating on the surface of life, then we enter the next month no different than we ended October. While we languish in a shallow state of mind, there is absolutely no hardship.  There remains the truth that the steps required to reach our destiny are required to reach destiny. There are no shortcuts, only detours that extend the time taken to reach the goal.
     Eight energy keeps coming back, offering all the rewards of Spiritual growth. We will be immersed in it during January and October of 2014, and for the entire year 2015.   As Pema Chodron teaches “Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.”

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