In monotheistic religions like Christianity, the label God is given to a supreme, omnipresent being who created and rules the universe. In other religions a god is a superhuman spirit or deity, believed to have power over nature and human lives, and worshipped or entreated in exchange for favours. 

Beyond the personification that enables storytelling and histories, there is a single, energetic phenomenon in the universe that has been labelled in many ways.
Depending on the location and culture of our birth, each of us has a word or a concept with which we learnt about this ubiquitous energy, and each of will have accepted or rejected it in the course of our lives. Sometimes we disagree with the supporting arguments that belong to how the energy is presented, rather than the energy itself. Life within the human body runs on energy, by whatever name it is given, and it is worth looking at the variations.
In Hindu philosophy, medicine and martial arts, the Sanskrit word prana is used to denote breath, "life force", or "vital principle". Prana permeates reality on all levels.

In most Christian denominations, the Holy Spirit, or Holy Ghost is part of the Sacred Trinity in which each entity itself is a part of God, and can be expressed as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Chi is a Chinese word meaning “aliveness” or “breath of life” or “life force energy”. It may be also written as Ki or Qi. Theories of traditional Chinese medicine assert that Chi circulates throughout the body.
Spirit: the nonphysical part of a person which is the seat of emotions and character; the soul.

There are more words which can be used: Animating force. Elan vital. Vitality. Force of Life, Life Force or Living Force. The Soul, Spirit, or Vital Principle.
Energy must be moving in order to transmit, and energize life. The movement comes from a force, that which drives motion. In physics that which pushes or pulls is called a Force, and there are some who use the word in a Spiritual sense, too “May The Force guide you” invokes a Cosmic energy of some kind.

Laura Esculcas holds a B.A. in Chemical Engineering and worked in high tech operations and management in Silicon Valley for over ten years.  
She notes that in Silicon Valley industries there are limits to what can be measured: limits imposed by the very tools of measurement which are available. 
When it comes to Energetic fields, whether we call them Chi or Prana or Force or something else, the human body is the only tool of measurement that works at all.  
We know it works because we can feel it. We sense energy. We connect with the vibration of a place. Even the non-adepts can often sense the anger and tension where a fight has taken place, or feel the warmth and calm where people have been hugging. 
Like the features of electronic microchips, the inability to measure does not mean they do not exist.  Despite the proclivity to deny the existence of that which cannot be seen, more people are aware of the unseeable energies around us, than are oblivious. With desire and application, anyone can ‘tune in’ and be a part of the measurement.

  When we remove distractions through meditation or prayer or other Quiet Practices, any one of us can grow our abilities. We can access synchronicity, we can use any of the various methods of self-knowledge, and we can invite the energy that creates worlds into our every day experience, and become co-creators of an enviable future, for ourselves and out communities. 

There are many aspects of my work which can help you to focus your abilities and expand your activities to enjoy all that 2020 can bring. 
I have been working in this field and supporting clients through life changes since the 1980s.
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