A previous version of this was published as Balancing Balance, 2014

     For many Spiritual Seekers, a search for balance entered with the Millennium. Extreme imbalance has gripped the world with the ongoing need to live with COVID-19; there is new emphasis on finding a balance with which we can live safely and comfortably.

This week the Northern Hemisphere is crossing the Autumnal Equinox. As the north enjoys the festival of Mabon, south of the equator this is Ostara.

Daily changes in the length of a day are not sensational. They are gradual, essentially constant, not noticeable. The Equinox is the time when day and night are equally long, and the ratio between them is shifting. 
Solstices are “longest” and “shortest” days and nights, they are “most” and “least”. On the other hand, equinoxes are less noticeable. 

In the last eighteen months, the quest has begun to find equilibrium between activity and safety. We remain, and need to remain, active in our work and education and social spheres, we also need safety from a potentially deadly virus. There is balance sought between the rights and responsibilities of each individual, each community, each nation.

As a planetary family we are called to be conscious of every action we take, and develop and awareness of how it might affect the world around us.

No single choice or decision can lead to perfect balance. A willingness to spend time indoors with a small group of loved ones does not automatically create healthy interactions in personal relationships. There are multiple tippy places where imbalance rules. Breaches in safe areas happen easily when we are thoughtless or taking things for granted. Our human need to be outside the restrictions will often motivate us, even when that adds risk of exposure.

At this time of year, the Northern hemisphere is displaying the decay within the physical cycle. Plants are perishing and crumbling, releasing their components into winter insulation and the nutrients of next year. The Living Layer of the planet is fully balanced as the southern hemisphere gathers from the soil and embarks on expanding into spring. 

The equinox message is that every part of life is a part of life. Every change in our own physical expression is part of a cycle much greater than ourselves. Living in this time of challenge and uncertainty calls us to be mindful of the smallest physical details. Keeping our out-breaths to ourselves, remaining distant from those we would protect. Washing our hands before and after touching communal items is a necessity which calls us to be present in our bodies more than before. 

On the Mental plane, meditation serves the search for balance: whether it is practiced for introspection and connexion to inner wisdom, or used with guidance programs to encourage new attitudes and behaviours.

Finding equilibrium on the Emotional plane is advanced by allowing cosmic energy to flow. When we clench our emotions, clinging to anger or sorrow, the flow is stopped. If we attempt to project a pretended happiness or a contentment we think we *should* feel, then the ever-moving waves of natural feeling are halted, and we disconnect from balance.

Finding balance on the Spiritual plane is, I believe, the very purpose for which we, as Spiritual beings, have adopted the Human Experience. Our timing is no accident, and we were born for these times, and the lessons we are learning. 

All that we have survived has contributed to our survival, and who we are today is an absolute miracle, no matter how wobbly we sometimes feel.

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