Equinox Anjana

In the mythology of some parts of The Iberian Peninsula there are faeries called Anjana, are said to appear at the time of the spring equinox.
The word Anjana comes from the Middle Ages, and was used to denote witches, although in modern times it is applied to faeries, and even angelic entities.
      Anjana are described as being only six inches tall, with pale complexion and delicate features. They sing, like songbirds when they are happy, and with a crisp rustling sound at other times. 

The dark eyes of anjana are filled with love and kindness, and their hair is long and braided with ribbons or wildflowers, sometimes with a floral crown.
Walking in the forest, anjana carry bouquets of hawthorn to celebrate the gifts of the natural world.
The time of the Equinox, as the northern daylight comes to dominate the hours of darkness, is a perfect time for everyone to celebrate the blessings of the physical world. When we go out into the weak March sunlight, we can revel in having survived another winter, and take time to notice the many other accomplishments and successes that we have scattered about.
Perhaps the time is right for you to assess your victories, and exercise your wings. Most of all, enjoy the moment: dance a jig in your kitchen, pat yourself on the back, spend time with people who love and appreciate you.

The energy of anjana is a reminder of the gifts of the past, the adventure of the future, and the solid truth that all we have is Here and Now. 

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