Equinox, Trees, and Geese

   An Equinox is an astronomical event when the Earth's axis with respect to the Sun is tilted at 0°. As a result, the day and the night are almost equal at 12 hours.
    The Autumnal Equinox will occur on Friday September 22nd, 2017 in the Northern hemisphere. It is springtime in Australia, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand and South Africa, and this same event is referred to as the September Equinox.
     This week is a good time to re-examine the balance in our lives. There is always a need to preserve the precarious harmony between work and leisure, and the tensions among our relationships.
     The even distribution of night and day, light and dark is also a reminder to be deliberate in our choices. Making decisions mindfully and consciously is key to maintaining proportion in our personal lives.
      My own life has been divided between rural and urban living recently, and I am currently very happy to back among the trees. This is the season when they begin to shut down their photosynthesis, and the green of the process fades. I find myself fascinated anew by the leafy limbs that are in my view as I sit in comfort on my porch to relax or meditate or eat my lunch.

       It is not difficult to understand the ancients who saw the woods as places full of spirits and faeries and devas.  Spiritual forces and beings behind nature have sometimes been depicted in images of the Green Man, and when I am looking out at the trees in the morning, I can often discern the faces that must surely have inspired the idea. 

     Humans are inclined to see faces in objects, perhaps because our brains are on the alert for danger. The Green Man appears to be a pagan symbol, possibly a nature spirit or fertility god, and yet it appears throughout the Christian world. A fifth century example shows a green man in St. Abre, in St. Hilaire-le-grand, and from the thirteenth century comes the facade of St Nicholas Church in Nicosia, Cyprus, where Seven green men are carved.
    The faces that shift and move in front of me as I am on my porch cue memories and allow me to wallow in the green life that surrounds me, and I can imagine myself as part of a woods-dwelling people.
    This week I have also had the pleasure of hearing Canada Geese as they gather and prepare to fly away for the winter. 
     Because I am situated under the forest canopy I cannot see them,  they are disembodied voices, approaching and then departing. I think of them as invisible geese, because no amount of craning my neck reveals the source of the honking I can hear. That there are, in fact, geese is essentially an act of faith on my part -- as is the idea that there are no people in the tree branches looking at me looking back.
    Life is as we perceive it to be.
    Life is good.

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