Not visible from Canada was a solar eclipse on June 21st, a lunar eclipses on 5 June. Another is due on 5 July, and if the weather cooperates, it should be visible in the Americas except for the far North, most of Africa, and SouthWestern Europe, including the UK.
For anyone who has watched an eclipse, there are fascinating and powerful moment when first the darkness is total as the shadow blinks out the light of the sun or the reflected light of the moon. 
Like sudden silence after noise or stillness in the heart of a dance, the darkness has depth and profundity.
When the shadow moves and the darkness is over, there is a sudden extreme bright quality to the light that returns. We who witness are somehow not  fully prepared for the shine of the new glimmer, and we avert our eyes, shade our view as the small glow takes on intensity of massive proportions. 
Emerging from darkness sets the stage for a new lighter-than-light, a new clarity. The bright is stronger. The moon is more silver, as though the entire light of the sun is in that one small drop, that tiny sliver of unshaded space.
There is a message in these heavenly stories that are being told just now. As the people of the earth are coming to terms with life conditions being adjusted to keep people safe and healthy while the COVID-19 virus is present and proliferating, we might feel that our lives are less bright, that a shadow has fallen over the every day, and that is not wrong. In the cycles of our lives, this will be a time many people remember as dark and cold difficult. However the message  of the eclipse it that out of the darkness comes a clear visionary is clarity to be found in the new light, and an appreciation for it which is magnified by the fact that it was lost, if only for a short time. 
Totality is a thing.

Finding out way in the dark may be slow and stumbling, and as the need for quarantines and isolations continues, we are finding ways to adapt. The technology of these modern times allows for social interaction while physically distant. We cannot take physical risks which endanger the vulnerable amongst us. 
Technology is a great gift from which we are able to benefit. Those currently without must be granted access, and included as we all participate in the designing of a new society.
The only certainty I can name, is that our understanding of interrelatedness must and will expand. As we see the maps and charts that show how the virus can move and spread, we will be faced with proof of how each action we take has a broad and far-reaching impact. We are learning that being responsible in ourselves is how we care for our community and the world beyond. 

Our self-knowledge and personal comprehension of the unity of all things is expanding, daily, and we are called to pay very close attention.  

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