Exploring Again
    I am always happy to meet people who have questions about Numerology. In conversation I get another chance to refine my definitions, and do my best to make the information accessible.
    I run into difficulties when I try to impart all the  learning I have accumulated over more than three decades, and distill it into three minutes.
     It is simply impossible. It is also a motivating push to explore and explain some of the concepts that are most important. I am forever seeking out the specifics which might help people to understand the benefits of discovering their Numerology Charts and unraveling the personalized information that is stored there. 

    This week I was asked whether Numerology has anything that echoes the ephemeris in astrology.  An ephemeris is a calendar which lists the positions of the sun, moon and planets and the heavenly bodies and constellations which inform astrological calculations. The ability to read an ephemeris and understand the placement of multiple heavenly bodies in any given moment is not given to me.
    The Number Cycle describes aspects of each of nine digits, with some added information for Master Numbers and compounds.  It is very small and simple in comparison to the complexity of an ephemeris, with its information about the ever-moving sky positions and their relationships to one another.
     As I pondered the idea of something equivalent in Numerology  I realized that the shifting life- energies for an individual are actually recorded in the name and birth-date of each person, rather than in another place.
    A full Numerology Chart includes a Calendar which records multiple interacting cycles and changing vibrations. This Calendar indicates the frequencies which are present in each year, and can be expanded and focused by the month and the day. The messages are so individual that they cannot be stored anywhere else: they are a part of a chart. The ever-changing conditions, new vibrations, and energies that impact each day are as close as the nearest calendar.
One Goal, Many Paths
    I have a friend who is an accomplished astrologer, and she and I have shared information with each other, and even had some common clients. Fascinatingly the information that is imparted through astrology is much the same as the information in a Numerology chart. It was this correlation which led me to the truth that all paths lead to the top of the mountain.
    When we make the decision to enter the Human Experience, we construct multiple ways to uncover the memories that we cannot bring with us. When we begin to ask the big questions about our lives and our purpose, there are many systems in place to lead us towards our Intentions.
    Some people find guidance in enneagrammes, systems of worship, dreams or synchronicity.

  Each of us has left trails to follow to Spirit. As our lives expand and require our attention, we can choose which path to explore as we seek the Cosmic Wisdom that exists within our Deeper Selves.
    Numerology is my path of choice, and it thrills me to help others to ascertain what was so important to their life that they placed it into their chart, ready to be discovered when they began to explore.
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