February Vibe

     Just as white light contains all the colours of the spectrum, and agape love can refract into the various loves we lavish on our children and lovers and friends and others, so Nine energy -- which is vibrating in February 2014 -- contains all the energies of the other digits alongside a reminder that anything other than Oneness and Wholeness is an illusion.
     This month we are ending an eleven month cycle which began last April, and when we are aligned with the Cosmic support that surrounds us, we will be able to finish the manuscript that has languished in a sub-directory or complete the book case that mocks us from the workbench. During this short month, we can make the choice to read that recommended book, possibly end an ignorance, or adapt a philosophy, or maybe even release an entire world view in order to embrace an alternative that better serves our Soul growth.
     As we walk our individual paths we are marking the route. Our path may cross or change the courses that were set out before. The footprints we unthinkingly leave behind become a part of a pattern so large and complex that we do not always comprehend it.
    Wherever we are in the journey of our life, our Numerology chart will locate us in a particular energy for the year. Armed with that Number, we can then identify what kind of effort will be most rewarded in February.
It is a simple calculation to find your Personal Year.
Add the number of the Day you were born, to the number of the month you were born, and then add Seven. Keep adding until you have only one digit.
For example: my birthday is 28 March, so I add 2+8 = 10, and   1+0 =  1
                                           March is the third month, and I add the    3
                                                                 2+0+1+4=7 so I add the   7 for this year 
1+3+7 = 11, and 1+1=2:  I am in a Two Personal Year during 2014.

If you were born on the 27 February, you would add 9+2+7= Nine for a personal year number.
26 April 8+4+7= One; 7 June 7+6+7= Two ; 25 October 7+1+7 = Six; 16  2 July  is 2+7+7 = Eight
And so it goes.
     If you are in a One year, the Nine of this month will aid in the completion of creative projects, if you have been procrastinating, you will find the energy you need.
     In a Two year, February will require some concrete action and attention to details as what you do now is creating a foundation for the future.
     In a Three personal year, be prepared to adjust and modify the task at hand. Your key word is adaptation, and Spirit will support the transformation.  
     In a Four year this Nine energy asks you to complete some aspect of the service you are performing – or to just do the things you have been planning.
     If you are in a Five year this February will bring the gift of Spirit. This month will be one of growth for you, as a particular cycle closes.
     In a Six personal year this month will connect you to your intended life plan. Unanticipated opportunities will be revealed as the necessity for what is past becomes clear.
     If you are in a Seven year you are aligned with the culture around you. This month you will recognize that some of the learning you have been carrying around for decades no longer serves you.
     In an Eight year February offers a paradoxical chance at new beginnings. As your new work sparks your imagination, anything else will fall away to a natural ending.
     If this is your Nine year February will bring new people into your life, and possibly the recognition that some other people have drifted away, your relationships have been altering in a manner of growth rather than loss.
     Whatever specific Number Energies are present in your life just now, be aware that each step forward that you take moves you nearer to the Cosmic truth of interconnection and to your destiny. Walk in wonder at the Miracle which is the Human Experience.

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