Finding Our Schedule

    I think that any reader will recognize the truth that some days flow smoothly and easily while others give every impression that they are arguing with us, determined to divert our efforts.
    I have had days that felt perfect.   
    I hope we have all had the experience that feels as though the world is conspiring in our favour. An unavoidable delay, caused by an important phone-call or an ice-covered windscreen is somehow erased by a series of green traffic lights and an open parking-spot in just the right place. Arrival is accomplished, and the only loss is time spent waiting for the doors to open. It feels like magic.
    I doubt I am alone in having lived the opposite of this: out of the house triumphantly early, toying with the thought of fitting in an extra stop along the way. Then there is road construction, flags to be obeyed, driving speeds reduced to a crawl over rutted gravel. Avoiding fallen bollards or wind-blown traffic cones, with pauses for big equipment to beep and reverse at a snail's pace can make five minutes feel like hours. The early start evaporates, and once regular travel resumes the traffic lights are red, pedestrians are slower than usual, and intersections are congested.
Locating Alignment
     When I was first studying Numerology, a book by Vincent Lopez crossed my path, and I took copious notes which continue to inform my work. Numerology: How To Be Your Own Numerologist included a chapter in which Lopez described how each day is a container for a different kind of energy.
    Knowing which vibration is in our own field, we can plan for effortless, green-light days. When we craft our activities, as much as possible, to take advantage of the energy in our field, we will be able to access productivity and accomplishment with far less struggle than when simply hoping for a good day.
Inside Your Chart
    It is one of the great gifts of a Numerology chart that you can align the energies each and every day. You can plan for accomplishments that are suited to the frequencies present. You need never again feel as though you are pushing a Brussels sprout up a mountain with your nose.
    Lopez names both sides of the coin for each day: he offers advice about what to avoid, as well as where to place attention, and I can certainly testify that when I am applying and using this information consciously, life unfolds so neatly and quietly, that I sometimes forget to keep the technique at the forefront of my thinking.
Fitness for Purpose
    Trying to compile an index on a day when your personal energy is seeking creative expression will require for striving and hard work, no matter how many times you have been successful before. On a day of stolid foundational energy, indexing will be a natural extension of your self.
    The same rule applies to most activities: socializing on a day when solitude calls is much more difficult than when relationship energy is at the forefront; concluding a project on a day filled with initiation energy can feel agonizing, while completion energy can make it easy; travel on a day when you are aligned with quiet will be a challenge, travel on a moving, changing energy day will be a delight.
Sales Pitch
    When we know which energies are present and supporting us each day, we soon find the rhythm and logic that allows us to produce the most with the least resistance and effort; and to do it happily! You can know, too, by clicking the link below and allowing me to prepare your Numerology Chart and interpret it. With an understanding of your vibrational calendar, you can arrange your life to offer a great many more green-light days.

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