Five Clearing Ideas for your Four Planes

     The human experience is lived in four planes, each of which has an individual vibrational signature revealed in a Numerology chart.
     Remembering that we are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience is a mindset that helps to make everyday a day of growth and personal progress.
     When we were in Spirit, and made the decision to enter into the physical world, we agreed to spend our lives exploring and expanding the physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual planes that comprise human life.
     Staying focused on that exploration is not at all easy. Human life is filled with distractions on all four planes, and the flow of Divine energy through our personal field can get clogged or diverted, or it can stagnate if it is neglected.     
    This July has an abundance of Spiritual energy, and it an ideal time to make adjustments to our environment. Moving towards alignment with Cosmic Intention on any plane can help us to feel more comfortable in life. When we make it part of our practice to address all four planes, our daily experience flows more easily.
     A simple framework for restoring flow and inviting Divine energy can be included into any Quiet Practice that you are currently using.
     Begin with the intention to clear away the stagnant energies which are impeding your flow. As stale energy is removed, there is a place for different energy to enter: make preparations to receive high frequency energy by raising the vibration of that space. The purpose of human life is growth in every dimension. Failure to change never serves the greater good.
     Simple clearing techniques and invitations to Cosmic frequency can be facilitated in many ways. Stones, or water or plants might be chosen; or smoke, or sound -- including your own voice.
     Stones such as crystals and rocks collected from a sacred place can be introduced into your physical field and asked to absorb any energy that is not serving your greatest good.
     The restless movement of water is as much a part of Mother Planet as the minerals found in rocks. When you use water to clear energy, you are connecting to the fundamental nature of physical life. Whether you choose water taken from a sacred well or spring, or Christian Holy Water, or water which has been exposed to intention it will always create movement and growth. Clean water intended to clear energy can be taken as a drink to impact the very cells of your body, or it can be sprinkled on the ground to return to the water bodies in the earth. Salt water and Sea Water can be used to cleanse, and any water can be a focus for meditation, applying its flow into the non-physical planes.
     The uses for plants in clearing on all four planes is nearly endless. Making nosegays with whole plants to sit in indoor corners, or sprinkling leaves and petals, can change the energetic signature of a space when you use burdock; hyssop; lovage; parsley; dandelion; red clover, milk thistle and stinging nettle.
     Many traditions, ancient and modern, see smoke as a medium to carry messages into the ether, and to create fresh space to welcome the responses.  Smudging with sage or other plants is a widespread ritual, as is the burning of incense and the use of candles to draw sacred breath into a space.
     The sound spectrum that is perceived by the human ear is narrow. Many more sounds move at frequencies outside that range. Sound can create links between the world we experience physically, and the Other Realms. Using sound to raise vibration in your personal energy field can be accomplished by ringing a bell; playing or listening to music; chanting, singing or drumming. You can use your own voice to sing or say prayers or affirmations. You can invoke specific energy or issue invitations to Source Light.
     If you feel your energy to be particularly out of alignment, or you want to add to your process of re-alignment, consider receiving Reiki energy. Reiki permeates seven levels of your aura and synchronizes your seven chakras. This month is particularly supportive of all accesses into aspects of Seven.

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