Flowing the Knowing

    Last week I attended an even where Les Brown was the keynote speaker.
    I first saw Les Brown on a television membership drive about thirty years ago, and have been a fan ever since. I was thrilled and excited when I found out about his appearance in a place I could easily access.
    Along with two friends, and a thousand other people, I sat through a parade of secondary speakers, some of whom were inspiring and motivating.  One or two others were selling systems and products focused on making money, their presentations expressed ideas and ideologies which did not resonate for me, or my friends, in any way.
Bad Vibes
    There was lots of flexibility at the conference, and we opted out of those sessions. We went to another area and lolled on comfortable seats, discussing the whys and wherefores of our responses. We were impressed by the multicultural nature of the audience, and the energy that filled the venue. We were equally united in recoiling from suggestions that there is profit to be made by using technical and technological loopholes which are purportedly legal, and which felt unethical.

    As we sat and talked about our reactions, and our rejection of the concepts, we each, independently, made a physical gesture in the attempt to communicate how deeply we felt. We placed our open hands just below our throats, palm to sternum. “It feels slimy,” we said. “I wouldn't be able to sleep”. 
Deep vibes
    The unconscious hand placement gave a clue to the place, deep within, where we can 'feel' the rightness or wrongness of what is happening around us. This is true for everyone. Our physiology has wisdom which is available to us when we pay attention.
    The wisdom exists whether or not we connect to it, so it is the act of paying attention which we might need to improve.
    First, we need to acknowledge that we have access to wisdom.
    Next, we must decide to create the conditions which will permit connexion.
    Making a space in our day, is vital. Adjusting the environment to provide calm and quiet is desirable, although not altogether necessary.
    There are many ways to proceed. Meditation comes to mind, and is not limited to sitting still on a cushion for a long time; some people meditate on buses and trains as they travel to work. I have had friends who found their best ideas in water: in the shower; relaxing in a bubble bath; or swimming in a pool or lake.
Deep Breaths
    I am a proponent of moving meditation. Making mental space to allow information to bubble into consciousness can be achieved while on a relaxing stroll. Race-walking or jogging might be your choice for reaching “the zone”. I like to find my flow while travelling around a labyrinth.
    Like all things in this physical world, practice helps us to improve. Learning to be present with our breath can be a first step to making space, and allowing our knowing to flow. Simple, conscious-breathing rituals can teach our bodies and minds to shift into our central selves, and open to whatever would make itself known.
    One of Les Brown's important teachings is that “You have Greatness within you” and I believe that is so. To express that greatness, we need awareness of it, and communication with it.
    If you still doubt the amazing scope of your inner wisdom, Numerology can help!

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