Getting Started
A List of Resources

I am always delighted to meet with new clients.
Apart from happily getting to know about another person in the world, I benefit from the way they often guide me towards what is happening today, what people are seeking, and where I should put my attention.
I have been asked, several times recently, “Where do I begin?” “What are the best books?” “Who should I look for online?”
I have decided to create a short guide to teachers and books and links. Some I chose because I frequently reference them when I am with clients, others simply because they have contributed to my worldview over the years.
I believe that each of us is on a journey towards the fullest expression of our immortal, Spiritual selves. We travel unique paths and have unique interests. 

I have listed some of the resources that have helped me to get to Here and Now. 

I used to watch Dr. Wayne Dyer <> on television, and I had the great good fortune to attend events where he taught. I especially recommend the books The Power of Intention. Living The Wisdom Of The Tao and Wishes Fulfilled .
Dying to Be Me is a book by Anita Moorjani can help re-frame what it means to be in the Human Experience at this time.
Caroline Myss <> has books and audio recordings that address her teachings about Sacred Contracts and Your Archetypes.
The many Teaching of Abraham
 Gary Zukav <> has written many valuable books. I often refer to his concept of the decision to enter into Human Life being enrolling into Earth School.
Richard Bolles <> provides an easy framework in which to develop self knowledge. His workbook What Color Is Your Parachute? Is much more than a job-hunting manual: it requires that the reader examine multiple aspects of their life experience, and find clarity about their own definitions of success and achievement.  
I frequently talk about the foundational teachers of my Numerology method: Dr.Juno Jordan, author of Numerology, the Romance in Your Name,  and Julia Line who wrote The Numerology Workbook Understanding and Using the Power of Numbers. No doubt I quote them both whenever I a speaking or writing about Numerology.
 Findhorn, <> <The Findhorn Foundation is a dynamic experiment where everyday life is guided by the inner voice of spirit, where we work in co-creation with the intelligence of nature and take inspired action towards our vision of a better world>
I quote ideas from Eckhart Tolle, <> who reminds me that I am not my mind. 
When a client is seeking support for Inner Child work, I recommend the work and ideas of  John Bradshaw  <>
I refer to the book Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl
The teacher Ram Dass who recently made his transition to non-physical.
Ravi Shankar who brought Eastern music to the West and influenced the direction of many Seekers in my generation 
Margaret Visser <> especially The Geometry of Love: Space, Time, Mystery, and Meaning in an Ordinary Church 
Carlos Casteneda <> on mystical teachings
Stephen Hawking <> to help understand the physical dimension
Gene Roddenberry <> to imagine how humanity might one day be.
Lauren Artress, <> brought labyrinth’s back to the mainstream 
Tony Christie <>  “The labyrinth is an ancient symbol of wholeness; and the path of the labyrinth represents our journey in life. Labyrinths help us feel centred and balanced, and gain insights into our lives.”

There are many ways to use Numerology in daily life and in regular practice leading to deeper self-knowledge. 
I have been practising Numerology and supporting clients through life changes since the 1980s.
For a consultation, or to commission a chart of your name and birthdate, we can meet in person or by technology.