Group Souls, Soul Groups, and the contracts we are keeping
     Some of us have had the joyous experience of love at first sight.
     For me it was 1990 and I knew within minutes that I had met someone with whom I wanted to grow old. There is no vocabulary to explain the depth and the texture and the all-embracing emotion that briefly accompanies the certainty of such a meeting.
     I was blessed with almost 17 years in that relationship, before my partner transitioned into the non-physical and a new stage of my life was launched.
     In the intervening years I was much changed by the love and unconditional acceptance that was heaped on me. It doesn’t much matter, from the human perspective, whether I call us Twin-Souls; Soul-Mates; two facets of a Group Soul, or two individuals in a Soul Group. I maintain certainty that my relationship to the Soul-energy of my late partner is not limited to a short human span: it embraces all of time and space and our two essential selves will be together again.
     In the Now, my personal family and spiritually connected community is filled with love and laughter and synchronicities that defy explanation. Thirty years ago, I met a stranger across the table at a meeting. That meeting was not a thunder-strike of love, more a quiet recognition of belonging. It had and has nothing whatever to do with romance, yet it became a foundational relationship for my life thereafter. Cosmic love, universal love, whatever I call it, it grew deeper with time, and has shaped my life as it is today.
     Being mindful and taking quiet time for meditative exploration is invaluable to aligning with your life intentions. Introspection with a willingness to spot the patterns and recurrences can be key to connecting synchronistic dots.
    There are places in Numerology charts that indicate when contracts are engaged. It is helpful information only when we are engaged and mindful and open to the possibilities.
     Such karmic encounters may be at play any day. A simple crossing of my path makes me forever the person whose path was crossed. I am changed. My contract with the path-crosser was made outside of linear time, and I have faith that the crossing is vital to my success in this incarnation.
     I realize I have been entrusted with tasks that will assist the progress of others. These are people with whom I have agreements to be in a place and time that turns their path in the direction of their intended destiny. Maybe I will do nothing more than cross their path.
     It is a massive responsibility, and the thought of it is both humbling and empowering. I cannot be certain exactly when I have been chosen to be present during a profoundly difficult time in the life of someone else, so I strive to conduct myself as a channel of cosmic love
     I don’t expect a future meeting as profound as the one that brought me love at first sight. I may not need such emotional turmoil, I am now more likely to recognize sacred contract contacts without such force, -- although not necessarily instantly.
     I miss cues and clues at times. Periodically I look back over 18 or 20 months and see a continuity and a logic that was not necessarily obvious in the beginning.
     An apparently self-contained and casual meeting can, after time has elapsed, be seen as the first link in a chain to today. An examination of the seemingly unconnected steps taken may reveal that a person or job or institution has shifted into daily life and close proximity. Subtle and effective and progressive energy was present, and what has happened is exactly correct; as close to perfect as we are likely to be in this flawed and wonderful world.

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