Happy Paint 

Abraham Hicks  teaches that we are Spiritual Beings who have elected to come into the physical form and live a human life.
While in this physical world, we are able to explore, to use our bodies in an infinite number of ways: we can climb mountains or smell the roses or sleep until noon.
We are also able to scrutinize our limits and potentials on the mental plane, using our brains and the thoughts they can generate to reach into imagination and fantasy for new ideas and novelty.
Most importantly we get to discover the rare mysteries of the emotional plane. Hicks claims that it is the experience of emotions that motivate our stopover in linear time. 

Feelings in the Body
Human emotions are amplified and expressed in our physicality, and yet in our society the emotional plane is frequently neglected -- sometimes even suppressed. In order to be fully present and mindful in our human bodies, we need to recognize the physiological changes associated with emotion. We may sense increases or decreases in heart rate, shifts in blood flow that lead to causing blushing or turning pale. We might sweat, or notice spontaneous  activity in the gastrointestinal system. Most of us have felt sensations of heaviness, a lump in the throat, knots or butterflies in the stomach. 
Physical signs are a way to connect to emotions that we may not have learnt to name.
          Feelings have been undervalued, and my generation was taught misleading information about where emotions are seated.
When I was growing up, I heard phrases like "You make me happy", and "You make me angry".
It was a time when little boys were not allowed to express their sorrow, little girls were punished for showing anger. Like generations before, and some after, we were cut off from the full spectrum of emotions. 
We learnt that we were somehow responsible for how other people felt, which logically meant that what we felt was because of them. 

I think now that it would be lovely if I could apply happiness to other people. I imagine doing it with a paint roller. Waving swaths of thick rich happiness all over them, it would be Happy Paint.
Of course, applying Happy to the outside of someone would not bring joy to their heart. Sylvia Boorstein has written that Happiness is an Inside Job, and I wish I had known that as a child. I might not have been able to connect to my inner happiness, but I am certain I would have benefitted from knowing I was not in the wrong when other people were upset.
In the intervening years, I have learnt that all emotion has value. If I am never frustrated, then triumph will have no power.  Without fear, then relief will hold no comfort.
I cannot apply Happy Paint to my skin and feel it, and I cannot paint you Happy, no matter how much I might wish to.
This life is a brilliant opportunity to examine and learn and expand our comprehension. We and here to learn and we are here to teach.
       The starting place is within.

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