I Ching

Toss a Coin
     I grew up in a culture that was not averse to tossing a coin to resolve a dispute, or to settle an argument. Heads might win, tails could lose, or vice versa. By casting coins they believed that they would receive exactly the message that they need to get, the advice they need to hear, and the instructions they need to follow. Participants in the ritual would call for the outcome they favoured, and the rest was left to ‘chance’.
      It was a familiar way to settle arguments, allowing the ‘objective’ coin to make the decision that no one was willing or able to make.  
     Today I would use the word Synchronicity to describe the ‘chance’ involved. Some might call it ‘luck’.
Toss Three Coins
     The I Ching is an ancient tool for accessing synchronicity, and it does so in a rather more complex way. The originators of the I Ching, and users today, continue to believe in the correctness of the outcome.
     Instead of casting a single coin, the I Ching calls for three to be are cast. The three reflect the unity of the cosmos, the earth, and humanity: a triplicity that is often found in Chinese philosophy. 
     The coins are thrown six times to find a meaningful response to a question. The combination of ‘heads and tails’ is then looked up in the Ancient Chinese volume I Ching, or Book of Changes, which is one of the books of Confucianism. It has been used for Spiritual introspection and divination for more than 3,000 years, using symbols which were already ancient when the book was compiled.
Consult the Book of Changes
     The I Ching represents a worldview that is based in the constancy of change: movement between the two opposites of any given life condition.
     The volume we know as I Ching: The Book of Changes records a philosophy that dates back to the twelfth century BCE, when the authors were seeking to record relationships between all things. This is a philosophy of opposites, and it continues to shape Chinese thought.
I Ching for Spring
     I first learnt of the I Ching, and began to use it as a portal to Synchronicity, about 35 years ago. It continues to amaze and fascinate me with readings full of insight and accuracy.
     I am offering an ‘I Ching for Spring’ special, and will be happy to schedule readings in Wakefield QC and Barrhaven ON in April and early May, and in Nanaimo BC in late May and into June.

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