I had a birthday last week.

        Since my birthday I am adjusting to using a new number for the years I have spent here so far, I also have shifted in a cycle on my Numerology Chart.
     Many numbers on a numerology chart change with the calendar year, but one is particularly attached to the current age.
     With my recent birthday, my age-connected vibration shifted from Five to Seven.
     The Five came to me in March of 2012. It was a Five Universal year, so it is no surprise that my life walked me along a path of extreme Five energy.
     I changed. I grew. I moved from one province to another. I became part of a multiple household after living alone for 5 years; I left behind my identity as an employee in favour of creating a self-determined way of work.
     Five energy completely strengthened this life change. Cosmic vibrations helped me as I embarked on these changes, and smoothed the way for the transitions to be as painless as upheaval can be.
     With 2013 the world shifted into a Six vibration. We are all called to a life of service or the expression of service energy in our lives. Six energy sustains us as we shift out of personal-focus and into a broader world view. We are granted a wider stage on which to play out our destiny.
     My age-related vibration has shifted from Five into Seven. This means that as the world is offering me opportunities to serve, I am also given Spiritual challenges to help me to grow.
     With my new age number, the Seven vibration foreshadows  the shift we will all make in January 2014. I get to preview the soul-growth and the expansion of spiritual connexion that is the next step for everyone.
     Seven energy carries dignity and analysis. Living in Seven frequency encourages thinking, which can lead to empathy and understanding. This is a time to of seeking proof and evidence for systems which other people might be accepting unthinkingly. This is a time of inspired comprehension. Relating the underlying truths to the surface facts is a Seven gift, and a specialized skill.
     I am fortunate that these alignments serve me well, and my clients benefit from the depth of Cosmic support that I am currently receiving.
     This year I am cautioned to be selective about how I spend my time, for I am setting direction. In April my Personal Month is Four: I am laying a foundation for the next Nine month cycle. It is important to me that I ‘start as I wish to go on.’
     A Seven age-vibration can be perplexing without awareness. By consulting my numerology chart, and recognizing the Numbers as they come and go, I am able to maintain an alignment with intent.
     The path encoded in my numbers may not always be predictable – it rarely is – but I trust the intelligence that designed it, and I anticipate a wonderful year ahead.

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