It is what it is

     I have written before about the enriched experience and the ease which comes with Allowing. When we stop resisting reality and simply allow it to be what it is, then we can find comfort, ways to cope, and release the anger and angst that grow from trying to live in a world that does not exist.
     I have written also about Honouring what is, which consists of finding the gifts in all that life offers us. When my partner of 17 years passed away and I worked to accept that ‘it was what it was’ I needed also to respect the path that had brought me to this new place. I am blessed to see the blessings in the life I am leading, which is far removed from what I might have been doing if I had not been left alone. It is what it is.
     The third concept in this philosophy is Expand.
     Allow, Honour and Expand is how I describe the basic curriculum for The Earth School, -- the name Gary Zukav  gives to the Human Experience.
     Expansion takes many forms.
    In the physical realm expansion results from changing conditions. The very matter that surrounds us responds to physical stimuli. Some things expand when frozen, like water turning to ice. Other things expand when heated the way liquid inside closed plastic bottles swell in the summertime. There is also expansion through organic growth, as when a tree matures to greater height and girth.
     In the realm of mental activity, new ideas can cause expansion. When our mind expands to grasp a new concept, we change how we see the world. We are increased from the state of mind we held yesterday; as we apply our new concept to the physical world around us, we escalate the expansion, offering it to the minds of others, changing the way they think.
     Emotions expand according to what we allow and what we honour. When we allow anger to envelop our thinking, angry behaviours expand into relationships and activities.
     When we are frightened our fear expands scare us about new circumstances and new people. We may even fear threats which do not even exist. Love expands: a baby or a new lover expands the amount of love available to be bestowed. The more there are reasons to love, the more love there is. Our Spiritual home is in a place of all-encompassing Agape love, and when it can flow through us and into the world, the human experience is expanded.
     On the Spiritual, Unseen plane our very selves are expansive. The methods we choose to connect with Spirit are, by definition, exercises in expansion. The *Selves* that contain every bit of us, are infinitely more expanded than can fit into human understanding. When we tap into the Cosmic essence of our deeper self, or higher self, or expanded self, we expand into knowing how much we are More Than This
.     While the limits of life in human form are important to the earth experience, we are also called to become as much as those limits can allow. We came to stretch the boundaries and enlarge the possibilities. When I meditate and connect with the presences that greet my Spiritual quest, I am expanding the human experience. My energy field undergoes expansion, and has a greater impact on the world I inhabit.

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    We can learn to stop resisting the innumerable and immeasurable miracles of life, and allow it to simply be. We can  observe those miracles and name them from a place of gratitude and honouring. As we do, we will expand our learning in the Earth school, we will intensify the lessons for those around us, we will accumulate far more than we have ever spent.
     Allow. Honour. Expand. I sincerely believe that fulfilling these tasks is the Purpose of Life.

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