July: Spirit and Growth

    2014 continues to deliver Spiritual energy to the world, in the form of a Seven vibration.*
    The natural Seven of July intensifies that Seven vibration, and adds a Five for growth and change within the context of Spiritual Seven.
    No matter where you are in your personal Number Cycle, July will provide growth and change that will progress you along the Spiritual path you laid out for yourself before you ever returned to the Human Condition.
    To calculate your Personal Year number, see the instructions at the end of this page.**
    If your Personal Year is currently a One, July will provide the conditions for a great leap forward in your sense of being in life. There will be direct and clear answers to questions you ask, and the ‘starting’ energy of the One year will continue to usher in a new way of remaining connected with Spirit while living in the physical world.         
    If you are in a Two Personal Year for 2014, there may be projects and relationships which are completed and released this month. Some of this will feel like wonderful accomplishment, and some of it may feel like loss. All of it is necessary to move you forward into the life you intended to experience.
    During a Three Personal Year July will open up new directions where your creative energy can be put to best use. There will be new places, new organizations and new modes of expression available to you when you are willing to look beyond the usual limits of your activities.
    A Four Personal Year has you being practical and reliable for the entire twelve months, in July the emphasis will be around adopting and holding realistic expectations in relationships. This is true when meeting new people, either at work or in personal life. This is also true as existing relationships adapt to the growth of each individual involved. It is unrealistic that others will remain the same as they were in the past. Just as you are growing and changing, so are all others, and adjusting to the ever-present change is vital to a healthy interaction.
    When you are in your Five Personal year July will offer inspiration and conceptual thinking that can amaze you as well as the people you share with. When you allow yourself to follow your heart and act on the momentary impulses that lead you forward, you will find new and original ideas flowing through you without effort. Your task is to direct these astonishing thoughts to where they can make the most difference.
    The July of a Six Personal Year is a time to prepare for upcoming revelations about a future you have not considered. This is a time for “ducks-in-a-row” activities, and tending to any neglected projects that need to be completed before new growth can begin. Stagnating in the energy of incompletion can slow down Spiritual development.
    The 2014 Seven Personal Year sees you aligned with the calendar and as a result the energies of Spirit and change are magnified. July might offer some travel opportunities and however distant or nearby your destination, you can be certain that there are massive gifts awaiting your arrival.
    In an Eight Personal Year July is a month when deepening your connexion with Spirit is a natural part of daily life. Your relationship with the face in the mirror will be enhanced when you take time to honour who you see. There is vast wisdom to be found there, and this month is a good time to share that wisdom in service to the community.
    Personal Year Nine is drenched in Spiritual power, and the added vibration of July will require that you pay attention to the intelligence of your heart. The life you intended is summoning you forward, and your heart know what comes next. If you disregard the whispers that beckon, there will louder messages, and ignoring those will invite communications which feel disruptive and intrusive.
    The energy this July is going to be powerful. Those engaged in personal growth will move forward into a future that serves the intentions set for this lifetime. Those who are not currently engaged will be nudged into new directions. The month will be filled with possibility for all of us.
* 2+0+1+4=7
** 7+7 =14, 1+4=5
***To calculate your Personal Year Number:
Add the number of the Day you were born, to the number of the month you were born, and then add Seven. Keep adding until you have only one digit.

For example: my birthday is 28 March, so I add 2+8 = 10, and   1+0 = 1
                       March is the third month, and I add the       3
                                       2+0+1+4=7 so I add the        7
                                                                       1+3+7 = 11, and 1+1=2:
I am in a Two Personal Year during 2014.
If you were born on the 27 February, you would add 9+2+7= Nine for a Personal Year number.
26 April 8+4+7= One;
7 June 7+6+7= Two ;
25 October 7+1+7 = Six;
2 July  is 2+7+7 = Eight
And so on.

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