Life: Boiled or Scrambled?

     It is possible to engage in an emotional response when presented with a boiled egg for breakfast. 

We can wish it was a poached egg, and get sad or angry about it. 

We can spin off into emotional response over the fact that we prefer to walk the dog before breakfast and the timing is all wrong for this. 

We can be afraid that it is not correctly cooked inside, and speculate all sorts of negative possibilities, (without ever looking inside), imagining it sloppy and undercooked or hard and unsuited to the way we like to dip our toast.

There is nothing wrong with the egg. Ever. The egg cannot make you feel anything, it can do nothing more than reveal your responses to the reality that exists.  Being Here, Now, and engaging with What Is, is the single response that will carry the most comfort and ease.
Acceptance eliminates the need for mental gymnastics and speculation. There are no feelings of judgement, no thought that the cook has an agenda aimed at in some way making you look or feel bad.
A boiled egg is a small thing and there are still many ways to resist it and be emotionally upset by it and to give it power over you -- letting it steal your peace. Yet, if you open it and it needs more cooking, that can be done, and if it is overcooked, then you can scoop it out and eat it warm and buttered on your toast. Alternatively, you can accept the wait and attend another one, more to your own timing and find the Now in which all is well. 
Working towards that feeling of Peace is surely what you were aiming for int he first place. I know of two sisters who were born in the 1950s. They were offered a choice of eggs: “Do you want boiled or scrambled?” came the question. The first child would make a choice. She was accustomed to chosing, and happy to do so. When her sister was old enough to be offered the same choice, she was not so willing.

When she was asked “Do you want boiled or scrambled?” she announced, loudly and with pouting, “I don’t want any egg!”, a declaration which suggested an awareness of the myriad options in the world.
       The older sister interpreted her sister's response as insightful, and despite her enjoyment of the eggs she had eaten all along, she wished she had thought of refusing them.
Decades later, it is possible to see "I don't want any egg" as a lesson in rejecting the imposition of binary choice. This was someone born, not for the 1950s, but for times that came later.
  This little girl had arrived in the Human Experience with an agenda. She came to progress concepts and systems; to cause the world - and the people in it - to adapt to new ways of being.
While perceived as an unruly toddler, she was entirely correct. 
There was a great deal about the society in which she lived was due for massive and rapid alteration. The changing attitudes and possibilities of the 1960s created a gigantic uprising of people unwilling to conform to the options being offered. 
Choices can be limiting and narrow. In those days, boys and girls were treated very differently from each other; and young men and women were expected to have different interests and to follow different paths until they met and married.
  When people began to say "I don't want any marriage" it was shocking and disturbing to older adults who had never considered such a rejection of the so-called 'normal' way of being.
Young people did not want to follow the footsteps of their parents. 
They did not want to slot into workplaces where they would stay for fifty years. 
They very much did not want to be born and live and die in the same house, town, or even country.

In 2021 the dichotomies of fifty years ago feel alien and unrealistic. Many binaries have been exposed as false and rejected. I see around me a new vision of life as being extensive and expansive.
The Five energy of 2021 (2+0+2+1=5) offers us spaciousness. We can grow in any direction of our own choosing. When we are Here and Now, we are at the leading edge of our own lives.

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