Life is On Our Side

    In Hinduism and Buddhism Karma is the name for the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.
    For reasons that don’t matter here, there is an idea in Western culture that karma is a form of punishment: that we have reincarnated in order to atone for sins of the past. We have been judged, and now we have reincarnated as a part of our punishment.
    Because people who have no interest in the Unseen see no appeal in Numerology, my clients are usually active Spiritual Seekers. They are engaged in personal Spiritual Growth, seeking ways to comprehend Unseen Energy and the vastness of the Cosmic plane. Knowing that Human Life is part of their growth and the evolution of their soul means they are familiar with the concept of previous human incarnations, and the expansion that results.
    When addressing the aspects of a Numerology Chart which indicate the intention to address Karma during this life, people often wonder what they did to deserve punishment.
    “I must have been an awful person” they might announce, or “I  guess I have to make up for being wicked”.
    They process medical conditions or physical pain as signs that they must endure suffering now because they caused suffering in another time. There is a general acceptance that coming back is a way to make amends, repair damage, or undo wrongs.

[Picture shows a set of balance scales, the contents marked A and B. The A side is tilting lower]
    I do not subscribe to that view of the world. I find it misleading, a lopsided view of the gifts we can access.
    As we Shift into new ways of seeing the Universe and our role within it, we can embrace a worldview without shame or guilt. We can move beyond right and wrong, good and bad, front and back. We realize that the dark of night lets us see the intensity of the moon and the shining light from distant stars, then we need not judge darkness as a negative.
    Many so-called negative events allow additional realms to open up for us. We get dumped by a romantic partner, and are able to find our way to a more rewarding relationship. We lose a home to weather, relocate, and find unexpected fulfillment.

[Picture shows two knights in full armour on horseback, lances forward]
    Through a lens of past-lives, our actions need not be judged right or wrong, we are not innocent or guilty. Suppose that you were a jousting champion in the middle ages. Perhaps you knocked an opponent who fell from the horse and was injured. Perhaps that rider could no longer joust, and went on to learn a more sedentary way to make a living. Perhaps becoming a skilled glass blower -- that talent having been untapped by a jousting career.  What if Life Intention included the changes that would allow glass-making to be a central feature of this lifetime?
    Does the knight who knocked an opponent off a horse deserve punishment? Was there evil intent?
    I think not.
    Karma is unlikely to offer punishment for helping someone to achieve their intention.
        Gary Zukav refers to Human Experience as attending the Earth School, a useful phrase which I offer clients who are living complex lives and feeling put-upon. I suggest that they are enrolled in Masters or PhD program, rather than a simple Humanity 101 course. This is not a bad thing, and certainly not a punishment: Studying for a Doctorate does not follow on from failing or doing wrong things during the Masters degree.
    The chance to face complexity intricate and convoluted life-changes and relationships is an affirmation of advancement and soul growth. Even when it is challenging, Karma is not a punishment. Life is on our side.

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