Like Reiki for Mother Gaia

     Spring has sprung, and I am preparing to set up my Reiki table in the screened porch of my home. I hold sessions in the almost-outdoor room, high in the forest canopy. Treetops wave and lean, breezes are gentled by the screening. Ringing bells and meditative music raise the vibration of the area, and I am blessed to channel Reiki energy smoothly to my clients. 
     When a client is on the table, I move around, accessing all parts of their energy field. I shift and align energy, I inject new energy to fill voids, and I clear away excesses. World Labyrinth Day feels like a similar event, for Mother Gaia.
     The first Saturday of May – the 3rd, this year -- is World Labyrinth Day. Events are scheduled at 1 p.m. local time all around the world, and the theme of Walk as One at One is publicized.
     The idea that a wave of labyrinth energy will encircle the globe as the 1 p.m. mark progresses from time-zone to time-zone is one which moves me to think in terms of a holistic experience of the energy field of the planet.
     In Numerological terms*, May vibrates with creative energy, when the channels are clearest for calling new inspirations into the physical realm.
     The 3rd of May adds a Three which causes an energy imbued with service and responsibility. We can walk the labyrinth path secure in knowing that we are being led to thoughts and initiatives which will benefit us as individuals, our communities and all of society.
     The theme of the World Labyrinth Day event is always Walk as One at One, thus the theme of Unity is a splendid default. Walking a meditation on Oneness, or offering prayers for harmony and agreement in the world honours the intention of the day.
      The planetary energy field will ripple and undulate with labyrinth energy for 24 hours. Geographical space will be filled with hundreds and thousands of labyrinth walkers and there is infinite flexibility for any individual to select a focus that better serves. This is an ideal time to tap into the global wave of labyrinth power and spotlight any personal aspects of life which need attention.
     There is no wrong emphasis for a labyrinth walk: simply apply your energies to that which is especially meaningful. 
     A walker might be seeking solutions and guidance about relationships, career or other life choices. You might honour a rite of passage in your community: a birth; menarche; marriage; special anniversary or a life that has ended.
     There could be imminent New Beginnings about which you seek knowledge, and there may be partings for which you need to prepare. Some people and groups walk focussed on large concepts like environmental healing or peace or gratitude.
     A temporary labyrinth will be created at the top of the chemin Fortin hill in Masham for World Labyrinth Day:  Saturday May 3rd. To walk at One p.m., or any time before 4 p.m., please email for exact directions.

*   The Numerology details
2014:  2+0+1+4=7
May is the 5th month
7+5 = 12.     1+2=3 May vibrates with creative Three energy, opening the way to begin new ideas and original creations.
The 3rd of May with its additional Three, (3+3-6) impacts the day with Six energy: Six is the number of service and responsibility.

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