Looking Forward

     After a thousand years – 1000 to 1999 -- of moving slowly toward full understanding of One energy, we now have twenty years experience with the Two being front and centre.
     Nothing cataclysmic happens in a single moment, there is slow growth and energetic overlap so that the human mind can adapt to the transitions. Since 2010, we have benefitted from a One in the name of each year. The children born in this time will be able to relate to the  older generation, and among the adults born in the 1900s, anyone with a Two in their date will share that vibration with young people, and communication will be simple and clear.
    Moving forward, only once each decade will there be a One in the year: in 2021, 2031, 2041 and so forth, this is no longer a dominant frequency. 

     The babies of 2000 are adults today. They can vote and drive and apply for passports, they are no longer dependent on their elders. As the years move by, they are entering the work force, or completing extended educations.They are moving into publicly visible roles, bringing their Two frequency into the daily experience of everyone, young and old alike.
    Two is the vibration of relationships and connexions.  Two creates networks and shares both ideas and resources. Two is the search for consensus and collaboration. Two is interdependence, shared responsibility, and a sense that community can be greater than the sum of its individuals. For children of the 1900s, the world is becoming unrecognizable. 
    Although we have some experience with the appearance and development of a philosophy of One-ness, we have also lived in a time when the Power of One was touted as a pinnacle of achievement. In Western culture, self-interest, self-indulgence, and a self-centered world view have been predominant throughout much of our lives. 
   In One-ness, we are asked to consider that the self is inextricably intertwined with the rest of the world. We are required to take responsibility for who we are and how we behave as a part of the group rather than a separate creature. This is not a simple Shift. The communal thinking of the Two supports this paradoxically-named Oneness. This Unity sensibility, this Community, is now the reality of life. No amount of nostalgia or resistance will turn back the clock. 

   In 1953 L.P. Hartley wrote ‘The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there’, and this is no less true today. Those of us who lived in that foreign country may feel wistful for the romantic times we remember, but we cannot return to them. The future is a country that also would have looked foreign in 1953; it is here and it is ahead of us, and so long as we do not wallow in maudlin sentiment about the past, we are more than equal to the task. 
      There is a theological doctrine of divine simplicity which says that God is without parts. There is only One-ness: in God both essence and existence are the same. Oneness provides ways to imagine and achieve a more expansive conception of The Self as connected with other people, creatures, and things. 

    In the New Age paradigm of personal transformation and healing, making the shift from individualism to becoming an enthusiastic partner in a community, and accepting personal responsibility for our impact in the world is the very reason for entering the Human Experience.

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