Looking Forward

Looking Forward to New Year 2022 there are two energies that are predominant. Understanding them will help each of us to navigate our path forward.

In Numerology, the digits are always added together until only one remains, and as a result, 2022 is a year vibrating with the Number Six. 
Keywords for the Number Six are Service, Truth, and Justice, all suggesting the best of activities that people are working towards, for their families, communities and the environment. This is not work that can be accomplished by individuals, but requires and inspires people to cooperate and unite for the common good.

Additionally, it is impossible to ignore that fact that the Number Two is going to assert its presence, strongly, every single day.
Arbitration, Mediation, Collaboration are all words to apply to the Number Two. Multiple instances in 2022 increase both the need and the availability of these vibrations.
We spent a thousand years with One energy in the name of each year, and coming to terms with ourselves as individuals. This has prepared us to bring the best of ourselves to every encounter, because theTwo frequency is always about relationships.

2022 begins an eight year year period without any Ones at all. We had an introduction to this from 2002 to 2009 as we were shifting into the new millennium and exploring the nature of network and connexion, and discovering all new ways to form relationships. 
From the end of this month to the end of 2030 the Universal frequencies will feel new to many of us. I predict that we will be offered more new technologies, bringing new ways to work in community. There may be unexpected responsibilities, as we act to meet the needs of the people we love and to whom we have obligations of care.
  How each of us responds to this responsibility will depend on how we have learnt to define ourselves. Some people identify as a part of a greater community, for whom they share a duty of care.  Others may not have adapted well to this new era, they may be wrapped in a sense of self-preservation. They might hold a belief in lack and scarcity, and be unwilling to give intellectual and emotional resources. Some may even be hoarding physical belongings out of greed and fear of loss. 
For the disconnected, moving forward will be difficult. Accepting the task of personal work will allow a considerable easing of difficulty. This is the time to consider the face in the mirror and develop love and respect for what that face represents. If this has not yet happened, it is never too late.

   The information encoded in your Numerology Chart can help you to understand your life experience, including how your intention informs your present circumstances. With that knowledge, making future plans is easier and clearer. 
     I have been working in this field for almost forty years, learning more with each chart I prepare. I will happily schedule a consultation, and arrange to reveal the chart of your name and birthdate. 
     New Year is an ideal time for this work. We can meet in Zoom or FaceTime, click here.