Looking Forward, Looking Back.

    In 2016 I celebrated often. I had personal reasons, and I took time to celebrate many aspects of my life and my work in these blogs.

      In 2017 I plan to amplify the energies that serve me the best, and doubtless some of that work will echo here, too.

    In order to find clarity about my direction for 2017, I needed to know which ideas and projects should be left behind, and which should be brought forward.

    Here are twelve questions which helped me to see the ‘big picture’ of the year. There is benefit to exploring these queries, the answers help to shape exactly how we want the coming year to be.

[Image shows the number 2016 held on the palm of a hand in silhouette. The background is an abstract of golden and bronze bubbles and lights]
1. Did the year contribute to your intended future?
2. Does the role played by 2016 fit the way you see your life as a whole?
3. When you write your life-story, will the chapter about 2016 move the plot forward?
4. Did themes from previous years continue?
5. Were important characters introduced or developed?
6. Were you able to combine lessons from different areas of life?
7. Did you connect with people on an emotional and intimate level?
8. Did your most important relationships flourish?
9. Are there people who bring toxic energy to you? Is this the time to remove them from your sphere?
10. Did you have fun?
11. Do you feel a sense of contribution to the world outside yourself?
12. How can you amplify your purpose as you move into the work of 2017?

[Image shows the number 2017 written on a black background. The digits appear to have been made by a sparkler moving repetitively]
     Happy New Year!

    If you need resources to help you to see the ‘big picture’ of your life, a Numerology chart can provide invaluable assistance. I have been supporting clients through change and growth since the 1980s.
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