Many Loves, Many Miracles

     Human life is an integration of many miracles.
     The Human Experience offers sensations and encounters and understandings that cannot be derived in other ways. It is to be celebrated as a thoroughly desirable state which Spirit is eager to undergo. Our souls navigate the physical realm in order to learn and to grow.
     People live in a narrow band of energy, unable to perceive the vast continuum, we learn the knowledge that there is more, and then we stop. That knowledge cannot describe the experiences inside the concepts, and whatever exists along the continuum is inaccessible to us.
     In the universe there is light and there is the absence of light. As far as we have been able to determine, the only place where light is segregated into the colours of the spectrum is in the human brain.
     The colours come from different wavelengths or frequencies of light-energy. The physical structure of the human eye, working with the human brain, can perceive a range of colours. Our visual ability detects light in the electromagnetic spectrum from 780 nanometers (nm) to 390 nanometers. The light frequencies beyond that range are too high or too low for our eyes and brains to see, and exposure to the non-visible energies can be harmful to human eyes.
Ultraviolet light is located just past the violet portion of the visible light spectrum and can be detected by honey bees and other insects. Infrared light, located just past the red portion of the visible spectrum is perceived by snakes. 
     That we live in a body which can divide light energy and allow us to perceive colourful sunsets and wild flowers and the diversity of tropical fish and pixel shows is nothing short of miraculous, and could possibly constitute a reason to incarnate in the physical all by itself.
    Yet I am drawn to a reason even more profound.
    There are many teachers today who speak of the simple dichotomy of emotional occurrence: that there are only two emotions. Love which is the source of all, and the absence of love which we experience as fear.
     Neither can exist in the presence of the other, and because we have elected to spend time in this physical place in linear time, we are able to distinguish many different emotional ‘colours’ which make up these feelings.
     Our fear might express itself as anger or anxiety or apprehension or out and out terror. Each of these states reflects the absence of love.
     Love passes through the prism of human response, and is also fragmented into many parts.
     In the Greek language there are several words for ‘love’, and these labels apply to different ‘kinds’ of love, while the English language requires the one word ‘love’ be explained and qualified with each aspect of its expression.
     The Love that contains all the others in the way that white light contains all colours called Agape, and we have no names for whatever ultra-loves and infra-loves exist beyond our perception.
     Familial love and affection is named Storge, while love as a brotherly friendship is Philos. What we call empathy and sympathy are expressions of Pathos: the love that offers caring response to the emotions of another person.
     Eros is the deep response to the beauty of another person, and may include physical aspects of love. The Greeks even named Mania, which is not so much a love as it is an obsession, often with the desire to possess.
     Gary Zukav writes about life as an experience in “The Earth School”, where we have come to learn specific lessons. I believe that connecting to the many miracles of physical existence is a foundational part of that education.
     In the absence of simple English vocabulary for love, we are tasked with finding ways to communicate the Philos and the Pathos and other loves that fill our hearts.
     As we remember to be mindful in this world of colours and light, let’s also celebrate the miracle and possibility of loving in the many facets of Agape. 

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