May Ahead

    The month of May begins about halfway between the spring equinox and the summer solstice.
    A May Day festival of Beltaine was written about in some of Ireland's earliest literature: it was observed throughout Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man. After declining somewhat in the mid-20th century, Celtic neo-pagans, nature lovers, and Wiccans now observe Beltane as an important spiritual day, which is marked on May 1st in the North, and November 1st in the Southern Hemisphere.
    2016 is a Nine year*, and we all benefit from the Nine energies which allow us to complete and release projects of all kinds.
    May overlays the changing, growing energy of Five onto the coming weeks. **
Personal Years
 To calculate the Number for your Personal Year, see the examples below.***

    My Four Personal Year is giving me a chance to finish up some lingering tasks and duties this month. May is offering splendid support for completion of my 'to do' list.
    For people in a Five Personal Year, May will be a month of potential. Exciting possibilities will be present, from more than one direction. Stay aware with family, work, and leisure.
    If this is your Six Personal Year, May will be a time of tending to old relationships and meeting new people. Take a break from busy and meet a friend.
    During a Seven Personal Year, May will open the way for something new. Flower gardens are full of similar energy: take a chance and blossom fully.
    An Eight Personal Year asks for decisions. May will present very practical situations which must be attended to. Weigh the pros and cons and decide in favour of balance.
    A Nine Personal Year, aligned with the calendar year, has an extra infusion of change in May. You might feel restless, wanting to rush forward. Take a breath. Advance with care.
    One Personal Years unfold our new nine-year cycle for us. May will give a taste of the ways you will be blessed to serve the human family. Pay attention!
    Any Two Personal Year is a year of dealing with people. This May will bring you people delivering very specific karmic teachings into your life. Watch and learn.
    Three Personal Years can be very creative. This May could be a month of juggling several projects and processes. Progress will follow when you have clearly defined your goals. Prioritize. 
    For Everyone the coming month will provide circumstances we need to grow and Shift into the people we are becoming.
    When we engage with our Numbers, every moment becomes a chance to learn about ourselves, make the most of all that life can offer, and grow into our fullest selves.

* 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9
** 9 + 5 = 14, and 1 + 4 = 5
*** To calculate your Personal Year Number for 2016: Add the number of the Day you were born, to the number of the month you were born, and then add Eight.
Keep adding until you have only one digit.
For example: my birthday is 28 March, so I add 2+8 = 10, and 1+0 = 1 +3 for March = 4 + 9 for 2016 totals 13. 1+3 = 4, my Personal Year number for 2016

If you were born on the 27 February, you would add 9+2+9= [20, 2+0=20] Two Personal Year for 2016
26 April 8+4+9= Three
25 October 7+1+9 = Eight
and so on.

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