Mindfulness in All the Planes of Being

     September 12 is Mindfulness Day. It is a day when pausing in the rush of life can be made a priority. If you have a regular practice this is a special day; if the idea is new to you, rest assured it is simple and holds many benefits.
     When learning Mindfulness, the method most easily successful is through paying attention to breathing. Finding the focus for mindful breathing may not always be obvious. The four planes of being, as illuminated in a Numerology chart, make a good foundation for a practice. These four: Physical; Mental; Emotional; and Spiritual are individual to each of us, and present with us all.
     On the physical plane, as we focus and connect with our breath, we can eliminate many of the distractions which divide our attention and prevent us from being genuinely centred inside our physical body. Becoming aware – mindful – of every smallest aspect of breathing is to become attentive to something so large, so complex and miraculous, that it can crowd out all other thoughts. Placing attention in the rhythm of inhale and exhale is a good start. It is possible to detect the sensations of air moving in the nostrils; the lungs inflating and emptying; chest and abdomen moving, and other effects of which we are usually quite unaware.
     Thinking is the symptom of the mental plane in action. On the mental plane we process or generate words; we hear the voices of our history; we listen to judgements that we have learnt in past relationships. An endless inner dialogue can, and certainly will, interrupt mindful focus. Words, criticisms, inner voices will pass commentary on how we look; how others will see us; how silly we are. The mindful response is simply to observe the stream of consciousness. My thoughts are not me. I can distance myself and be aware of the ideas being expressed on the mental plane without being drawn into their logic. In that detachment I am a spectator: I am watching the mental processes while seated in my authentic mindful self. Words flow, and I remain present with my breath.
     On the emotional plane, your increased mindful awareness may recognize any number of feelings present. Feelings are neither right nor wrong: they simply *are*. As you work to be Mindful, feelings might flash into existence in response to the self-talk of the mental plane. Feelings of delight and awe might arise as you bond with the miracle of breath. You might feel suddenly vulnerable, seeing the fragility of the thread which holds us in our body. Feelings of empowerment might blossom from the knowledge that breath is independent of physicality.
      As this realization dawns, and as you identify the personal presence that is beyond the physical, then awareness of your eternal soul and connexion to spirit is unavoidable. Each breath; each physical sensation; each thought; and each emotion is an indication that you are alive in human form.
     Each awareness of these truths is proof that the witness is not the human. The witnessing mind is separate from the witnessed mind, and in that observation lies the ultimate truth of your spiritual nature.
     When you link your mindfulness practice to the planes of being, you can release limits even though they feel real. You can expand your thinking, because when you are mindful you are divine. You are limitless. You are all that you came here to be.

     Friday September 12th is Mindfulness Day. The labyrinth in Masham will be open all day for those who choose to walk it. At 1 pm there will be a short ritual invocation to spirit and an optional information session. Admission by free will donation.

     Jo Leath is a Certified Labyrinth Facilitator who has been supporting clients through change and growth since the 1980s.
     A Numerology Chart can use your name to identify the energies that are naturally vibrating on your four planes of being. For a consultation, in person or by Skype click here
     For a free printable labyrinth click here