My Favourite Multi-Tool

It won’t surprise any regular readers that Numerology is my favourite thing.
What I may not have written about in the past is how many different ways it can be used, and make life better in multiple arenas.
For Me
I often refer to Numerology as the ideal tool for self knowledge. To have a chart prepared and understand the talents and abilities that you have brought with you, is to permit yourself celebration for all that you have, and forgiveness for any perceived failures -- which are attributes that are simply not necessary for this life time. 
The calendar in a full chart can help you recognise the major changes and shifts, both past and future, and can let you find that calm about why you are here and why life is unfolding as it is.
For You
With some simple understanding of Numerology, anyone can grasp the basics of the person in front of them, and that insight can lead to better relationships in any area of life. Unrealistic expectations are unlikely if you have an awareness of how the other person is moving through the world, and the intentions they are fulfilling.
For Us
Compatibility charts are time-consuming and require an investment. They can be valuable for anyone seeking in-depth information before committing to a partnership in life or in business. Charting compatibility helps locate the wrinkles in relationships before they get too uncomfortable, and allows for contingency plans which deal with the very real issues that are likely to crop up.

For Them
Knowing what gets your children excited, how they respond to the world can help parents provide the best possible environment. When school children understand themselves and how they learn they can hone in on the fields in which  they can excel.
I have prepared many charts for newborns, sometimes commissioned by the grandparents. It is always a delight to see new people arrive with intentions to make the world a better place.
I have a client who gave her daughter a chart for her 16th birthday back around the turn of the century. The daughter is still a client, and she once told me that rereading the chart was like hearing from someone who knew her better than she knew herself.
For Work
With the information that a Numerology chart can provide, anyone assigning tasks or requesting particular production can match the job to the strengths of an employee. This does not require a full and detailed chart; broad strokes can accurately discriminate between workers who are better with details and those who are conceptual, Big Picture thinkers. Having the best-suited personnel on the job can mean a huge difference in final results.

For Play
I have been asked to calculate charts for fictional characters. Astonishing! The writer was working on a novel that featured three brothers, and she was having trouble articulating the various aspects of their relationships, and the motivations they brought to the story line.
By creating overlaid name charts that showed what vibrations were with each of the older boys when the younger ones were born, and then tracking what happened with the three of them as boys and young men, the information the novelist needed was revealed to her in a way she could relate to, and then share with her readers. 
This use of the discipline has not been mentioned in any of the books I have read in 35 years as a Numerologist, and yet it was an incredibly useful tool, and I enjoyed the preparation as much as my client enjoyed the result.
I always enjoy finding new places where the usefulness of Numerology can be applied to benefit people and communities. If your needs are not mentioned here, don't hesitate to get in touch and lead me to something new. 

These are many of the uses for a Numerology Chart.  
I have been practising Numerology and supporting clients through life changes since the 1980s.
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